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Uncovering the Truth Behind Matshela Koko: His Journey and Impact


Matshela Koko has made a major impact South African business, politics, and society. During his long career he has consistently pushed for change in corruption-plagued industries such as energy and mining. His journey began back in 2014 when he was appointed acting CEO of Eskom by then-President Zuma. Initially welcomed with open arms by the South African public, Koko soon turned controversial over allegations of misconduct and mismanagement at the organisation – leading to major losses for both Eskom and the country’s economy. Nevertheless, despite all this controversy Koko is still regarded as one of South Africa’s most successful businessmen through his investments in several coal mines, banks and other businesses across SA that helped boost the economy during its hardships what could have been an difficult period with less control or oversight. As witnessed by his success over recent years it can be assumed that Matshela Koko will continue to lead developments within South Africa’s business community into future generations.

Early Life

Matshela Koko is a prominent figure in South African industry and media. He was born in Gauteng, the richest province in South Africa, but spent many of his formative years in poverty during the Apartheid era. Despite this difficult upbringing, Koko still worked hard to complete his high school education and pursue higher studies at top universities across South Africa. After graduating from university, he worked as an engineer before eventually finding himself taking the helm of one of South Africa’s most influential companies: Eskom Holdings Ltd. It was here that Koko laid out his vision for providing reliable energy security for all citizens throughout Southern Africa – a promise that has led him to being heralded as one of SA’s greatest success stories by some analysts.

Education & Career Path

Matshela Koko had a long and successful career spanning many industries. After completing his secondary school studies, he obtained a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Limpopo. This allowed him to begin working as an electrical engineer for Eskom, where he worked for nearly twenty years before moving into business- and executive roles within ESKOM’s top management team. During this time Koko continued furthering his education by obtaining an MBA from Monash South Africa and Executive Programmes from Harvard Business School. His involvement with the energy sector began early on when he started part-time work at ESKOM whilst still studying for his BTech in engineering. He then went onto develop multiple innovative solutions during his almost two decade career in this industry both domestically and abroad – including playing key roles implementing large scale projects like Medupi Power Station & Kusile power station plus being active with IT developments that helped optimize production processes across Africa. Additionally, Mr Koko took on several non-executive directorships over the past few years; these board positions have enabled him to be involved with catalyzing effective strategies throughout different sectors such as banking, technology, logistics & media.

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Turning Point in Koko’s Life

Matshela Koko has had a remarkable life, marked by both successes and controversies. Among the numerous turning points in his life was when he took on a prominent role in the South African energy sector. In 2004, Koko joined State-own power utility Eskom as an executive director of group capital from 2010 to 2016 — often cited as one of his most influential roles in business and economics.

As executive director, Koko oversaw multiple projects focused on digital transformation within Eskom’s operations and reforming its finances. He also pushed for greater operational efficiency through increased automation, targeted financial discipline via robust cost containment measures, move towards renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panel systems and carbon capture technology— all ambitious initiatives aimed at modernizing age old infrastructure that proved beneficial during his tenure. The introduction of these improvements resulted in notable improvement in electricity supply reliability while paving way for long term sustainability goals within Eskom; ultimately leaving a lasting impact across the country’s energy landscape up until this day.

Awards & Achievements

Matshela Koko is a renowned business leader and executive in South Africa with numerous awards and achievements to his name. He was awarded the South African Honorary Service Medal from President Jacob Zuma for his work leading ESKOM, the nation’s leading electricity provider. In 2017 he received an Investiture of Honorary ranks by the South African National Defence Force for his social development projects as well as two Medals of Excellent Merit from King Thulare III at Giyani Royal Palace in recognition of outstanding service to local communities within Limpopo Province. Additionally, in 2019 Koko was awarded The Global Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice Award by Pope Francis for promoting human rights and effective governance throughout Sub-Saharan Africa over a lifetime of effort and engagement on the continent.

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Controversies & Challenges

Matshela Koko is no stranger to controversy and challenge. During his tenure as CEO of South African energy supplier Eskom, the company was accused of various acts of corruption, including awarding dubious contracts to friends and family members. After investigations by NRCS , further mismanagement cases came to light. This resulted in several court appearances for him which marred his reputation among the locals, leading to intense public scrutiny towards all decisions taken by Koko during his reign at Eskom.

In addition to these controversies, Koko’s leadership style has also been met with a lot of criticism from unions and government representatives due to clashes over labor reform issues in 2018 – 2019 . His controversial approach towards changing mine safety procedures did not go down well with many workers causing tension between him and union representatives who also insisted on more stringent compliance regulations than recommended by Koko. Recently he even received death threats from certain labor organizations over the matter .

Despite looming clouds of disagreement around Matshela’s career, one cannot ignore the impact that he had on opening up opportunities for small businesses in Africa through implementing PPIAF (Power Partnership Investment Framework). By introducing this framework, it enabled energy infrastructure investments across Africa totaling close USD $200 million resulting in increased electricity access levels being attained across many countries like Ethiopia , Kenya , Rwanda etc.. He also helped initiate strategies such as “Keep Me Lit” whereby old power plants can now be converted into new power sources without large overhead capital investment costs allowing affordability among consumers while still meeting sustainability goals set out earlier by Matshela himself prior joining office at Eskom HQ.

Impact on the Energy Sector

Matshela Koko has had a profound impact on South Africa’s energy sector during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Eskom, the country’s largest producer of electricity. He implemented sweeping performance initiatives to reduce the cost of production and significantly improve power reliability for citizens. Koko also championed increased investment in renewable energies, such as solar and wind power, to provide alternative sources of electricity to communities throughout South Africa. His influence was far-reaching; under his direction, public service announcements were aired advocating better energy stewardship among the public. Additionally, thanks to Matshela Koko,South African companies experienced an increase in access to financing for their green energy projects – furthering sustainability efforts in both urban and rural settings. Without question, it’s safe to say that Matshela Koko made a substantial contribution towards improving how South Africa produces – and consumes – its vast supply of energy.

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Looking to the Future

Matshela Koko has had an impressive career in South African energy and mining. As a man with many interests, his involvement extends beyond the corporate world into social impact projects. Looking to the future, Koko is poised to drive even further change across these traditional industries. With a portfolio of investments that have grown significantly over the past years, it is expected that he will continue to affect positive growth within vital industries like coal mining and renewable energy generation while supporting sustainable development initiatives such as environmental conservation efforts. His inspiring leadership approach has attracted admiration from not just his peers but people across all sections of South Africa, making him one of the most respected names on both national and international platforms today.

Quote from Koko on His Journey

Matshela Koko, a former executive of power management company Eskom, has been quoted as saying “I can proudly say that my journey so far reflects the progress I have made in rising to the challenge”. During his time with Eskom, he was responsible for taking on tough jobs and doing whatever was necessary to secure success. Despite facing numerous personal and professional obstacles throughout his career, Koko has shown determination and commitment to improving energy resources around South Africa. His efforts have also led to increased job opportunities for citizens wanting stable employment options as well as financial benefits from renewable energy sources produced by Eskom. As a result of Koko’s hard work and dedication over his focus on solving complex power issues faced throughout South Africa, people are now able to access the electricity they need each day without interruption or issue.


Matshela Koko has come a long way since his initial rise to power in the late 90s. Since then, he has had profound and lasting impacts on South Africa’s socio-economic landscape, as well as its energy sector in particular. He also left an indelible mark on Eskom Corporate Culture by bringing about positive changes during his tenure there – such as empowering employees and encouraging collaboration across different functions. Despite facing criticism for certain issues concerning procurement during his time at Eskom, it cannot be denied that Matshela was able to bring significant transformation within the organization and beyond it – paving the way for more effective governance practices in the future.

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