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Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Eskom Load Shedding Updates

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To stay informed about Eskom load shedding updates, it is important to monitor the Eskom website and social media accounts. This allows you to be aware of any changes in the load shedding schedule. Additionally, subscribing to mobile notifications from Eskom can help ensure that you are alerted of any updates instantly.

Overview of Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom is a South African electricity producer and supplier responsible for providing power to homes and businesses across the country. Due to limited generation capacity, Eskom often experiences times of power shortages known as load shedding. To stay informed about load shedding updates, South Africans can visit Eskom’s website or sign up for email notifications. They can also follow the company on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By staying up-to-date with the latest Eskom load shedding updates, South Africans can better plan for power outages.

Reasons for Load Shedding

Load shedding is a necessary measure taken by Eskom to balance the supply and demand of electricity. It occurs whenever there is an imbalance in the national grid, meaning that South Africa does not have enough electricity to meet its demands. Keeping up-to-date with Eskom’s load shedding updates can help you plan for any potential power outages. Additionally, it can also help determine the reasons why load shedding takes place. Reasons for load shedding may include maintenance and repair actions on infrastructure such as power plants, or problems with other utilities like gas or water supplies.

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Preparing for Load Shedding

Stay informed about potential Load Shedding by regularly checking Eskom’s website and social media channels. Sign up for text or email updates to receive notifications of any changes in the schedule. Make sure you have batteries and flashlights available in case of any power outages. Have an alternative source of energy ready such as a generator or gas stove. Stock up on essential items like food, water, and medication so that you will be prepared in the event of prolonged Load Shedding.

How to Stay Up-to-Date on Eskom Load Shedding

Subscribe to Eskom’s official website to receive notifications of load shedding schedules.

Download and install the MyEskom Customer App to get real-time updates on load shedding schedules.

Follow Eskom on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for news about load shedding schedules.

Check your local municipality’s website for information about any changes in the load shedding schedule in your area.

Load Shedding Schedules

Stay informed about Eskom’s load shedding schedule by visiting their website for the latest updates. You can also check your municipality’s website to find out when you will be affected. Additionally, follow Eskom on Twitter and Facebook for real-time announcements. Lastly, download their mobile app to stay up-to-date with news, notifications, and schedules.

Other Resources for Eskom Load Shedding Updates

Sign up for text or email alerts from Eskom to receive load shedding updates.

Download the EskomSePush App for Android and iOS for a quick overview of current load shedding schedules.

Check Eskom’s official website,, for an interactive list of planned outages in your area as well as general information about how load shedding works.

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Power Saving Tips

Subscribe to Eskom’s Load Shedding alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest load shedding updates.
Create a plan to keep energy usage low during load shedding hours.
Turn off all nonessential appliances and unplug electronics that are not in use.
Make use of natural light during the day instead of using electric lights.
Turn off the geyser and switch it back on an hour before you need hot water.

Final Thoughts

It is important to stay informed about Eskom load shedding updates in order to plan ahead and stay safe. Check the power supplier’s website regularly for updates on scheduled outages. Set up notifications so you can be alerted when new announcements are made. Additionally, follow Eskom on social media and tune into local radio and television news broadcasts to remain aware of any changes or information. This will help ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest load shedding updates from Eskom.


Check Eskom’s website and social media platforms regularly to stay informed about the latest load shedding updates.

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