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Maximize Your Savings with Eskom’s Latest Tariffs

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Eskom has recently introduced new tariffs that enable customers to maximize their savings. By taking advantage of these new tariffs, you can lower your monthly electricity costs and save more money.

Overview of Eskom Tariffs

Eskom offers several tariffs that can help you maximize your savings. Their Time-of-Use (TOU) tariff gives customers discounted rates when they use electricity during off-peak hours. The Domestic Direct initiative provides discounted rates for low-income households, and the Volume Based Tariff offers reduced rates for higher usage customers. Eskom also offers a Low Voltage Supply Tariff, which is designed to reduce energy losses in the distribution system. For those looking for renewable energy solutions, Eskom has a Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff that allows customers to feed solar or wind generated electricity into the grid.

Breakdown of Price Increase / Decrease

Eskom’s new tariffs include price increases for certain electricity groups and decreases for others. Residential customers in urban areas are seeing an 8.1% increase, while those in rural areas will experience rates up to 6.5% higher than before. Business customers have seen a 3.2% reduction in the cost of electricity, with some industrial and mining businesses experiencing no change at all. For those using prepaid electricity, the prices have stayed the same as the previous period.

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Tips for Managing Your Electricity Consumption

Understand Eskom’s Different Tariff Options.
Evaluate Your Electricity Usage.
Reduce Your Peak Hours Consumption.
Shift Non-Essential Loads to Off-Peak Hours.
Take Advantage of Eskom’s Time of Use Tariff Model.
Identify Areas for Energy Efficiency Improvements.
Install Solar Panels and Other Renewable Resources if Possible.

How to Save Money with Eskom’s Latest Tariffs

Eskom has recently updated their tariffs, offering customers the chance to save money.
Take advantage of these new rates and make sure your energy usage is both cost effective and efficient. Compare different rate plans to find the most suitable option for you. See when you use the most energy and determine which rate plan offers maximum savings. Consider off-peak tariffs if your household uses electricity primarily during peak hours. Regularly check your bill and be aware of any changes in Eskom’s tariff so that you can continue to maximize savings.

Benefits of Using Renewable Energy Sources

Eskom’s latest tariffs provide individual households and businesses with the opportunity to save significantly. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass can be used to further maximize savings. These renewable energy sources help reduce electricity bills, since they do not require any fuel payments once installed. Additionally, they help protect the environment by reducing air and water pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. Furthermore, using renewable energy sources helps reduce dependence on non-renewable resources like coal and oil.

How to Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

Eskom is encouraging customers to take advantage of the latest tariffs by introducing lower-priced renewable energy sources. Switching to renewable energy sources like wind and solar can save you money on your monthly electricity bill. To switch, customers need to contact their local Eskom office for more information about the new tariffs and any special offers available.

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Tips for Maximizing Savings with Eskom’s Tariff

1. Check your tariff category: Ensure you are on the most cost-effective tariff for your electricity needs.

2. Adjust electricity usage: Review your habits and reduce energy consumption if possible by switching off lights, appliances and electronics when not in use.

3. Investigate discounts: Eskom offers a variety of discounts for consumers, so research which ones are applicable to you and make sure to apply for them.

4. Utilize efficient equipment: Install energy-efficient equipment such as LED light bulbs and low-flow shower heads to help cut down on energy costs.

5. Compare tariffs: Shop around and compare prices of comparable services from different companies to get the best deal available.


You can make the most of Eskom’s latest tariff plans by comparing them to your current electricity usage, to identify those that offer you the greatest savings. Utilizing these tariffs is a great way to manage your electricity costs and use up less energy. Start maximizing your savings today!

Resources for Further Information

Eskom offers a variety of tariff plans to suit different customer types. To learn more about the plans and how to maximize your savings, customers can visit Eskom’s website or contact the company directly. Customers can also subscribe to Eskom’s newsletter to receive updates on special offers and promotions.

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