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Matla power station contact details

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Matla power station contact details

Unravelling the Meaning Behind Matla Power Station Contact Details

Knowing the Matla power station contact details could prove to be a great asset to anybody who needs assistance in this area. With the help of these contact details, seekers can conveniently access the necessary information they require while saving time and money. This article will outline what Matla Power Station is and how it works along with providing useful tips on getting in touch with them.

Matla power station is a major energy provider located in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province. It was commissioned by Eskom, a main electricity supplier for South African households and businesses. The plant produces about 7 500 megawatts of electricity from 4 coal-fired generating units. It has been operational since 1982 and continues to play an important role in powering many homes and businesses throughout the nation.

Those looking for Matla power station contact details should visit the official website or contact Eskom’s customer service line. Located on the website are sections which provide helpful insights into topics related to power supply such as load shedding schedules, checking meter readings, prepayment options, tariff queries and more. Customers have the option of contacting them via social media or sending emails/faxes etc. Upon successful verificationof user identity l information requests will be answered promptly.

Getting assistance over phone remains one of most popular ways of making inquiries concerning Matla Power Station’s services. One can call during office hours and speak to consultants who will provide accurate answers concerning whatever query they may have pertaining electricity matters like generating unit measurements, outages etc. Furthermore, during afterhours customers may leave voice messages so that someone could pick up their call during working hours and provide solutions if needed sooner than later –this is a convenient solution to queries at odd times when offices are closed over weekends etcetera If issues remain unresolved, customers are encouraged to open formal complaints for resolution of any ongoing problems or disputes that have arisen due to negligence or miscommunication from either party involved in a transaction etc., Thus far these communication options have served customers well as quick solutions are provided depending on the severity of an issue presented .

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In order for customers to minimize misuse/abuse/fraudulent activities associated with transactions made regarding Eskom services, authorities advise proper caution must be taken when making decisions over financial matters including accurately filling forms with realisable personal data when signing up contracts etc.. Bona fide documents should also be submitted along with detailed reports explaining all relevant facts leading up to any problem experienced while dealing with Eskom services – this supposedly serves as evidence allowing claims made against irresponsibilities incurred by parties involved , whereby feedback helps authorities improve standards going forward ,and therefore providing better service delivery trusting users will make use of their offerings going forward confidently .

Uncovering the Benefits of the Matla Power Station

If you’re looking for a reliable source of electricity, the Matla Power Station may be the answer. Located in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, this plant is one of the largest nuclear power stations in the world and has been providing energy to millions in the region since 1983. With close proximity to major cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, this power station optimizes distribution and ensures consistent electricity supply to these areas. To take advantage of this great service from Matla Power Station, here are some key contact details you should have.

Matla Power Station’s Main Contact Details

The main website for Matla Power Station contains all essential information about the station’s operations and services it provides. This includes its location address which is situated 8 km away from Kriel Town in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. In terms of contact details, you can get in touch with them through their telephone number +27 (0) 13 690 5111 or by sending an email to [email protected]. Additionally, they also have a fax machine on site that you can use to reach them at +27 (0) 13 690 5190 if any post needs to be sent through before reaching them.

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Various Benefits Offered by Matla Power Station
Matla Power Station not only supplies electricity to many people Near and Far but also offers amazing benefits for its customers including:
• Reliability – Serving millions for over three decades now requires a dependable system in order for operations to remain successful; fortunately out of 66 nuclear reactors present around the world, almost 26 or 40% are being operated in former apartheid-era areas such as Mpumalanga province where Matla is located making it one of the most reliable power plants today
• Safety – Asides from utilizing advanced technology in order to maximize safety levels during operations at the plant ,measures are taken throughout every stage possible within evaluation since any mishaps could lead up to severe environmental damages
• Cost-effective – The introduction of more efficient technologies such as waste recycling systems into its production process has enabled them to maintain low cost energy production throughout its lifetime thus enabling electricity prices remain affordable even with higher demand rate as compared to other plants
• Employment – With an increase in its workforce every year which stands currently at more than 3000 employees ,Matla not only provides short term job opportunities through constructing projects but also looks after those who want stability within their profession

Overall , if you wish to get connected with South Africa’s biggest nuclear world power plant then now would be a good time taking a look at what’s available at Matla station! With reliability plus affordability ,you will soon notice how much easier it is becoming keeping your home powered without spending too much on mount bills . Moreover , explore maximum potential by investing time effort into job offerings also created through this incredible establishment !

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Finding the Vital Contact Information for Matla Power Station

Matla Power Station is an important contributor to South Africa’s electricity supply. Located in the Mpumalanga Province, it is one of the largest power stations in the country and has had a steady output since its establishment back in 1982. If you’re looking for information about Matla, such as contact details, then this quick guide will offer the vital info you need.

To get in touch with Matla Power Station, there are several methods you can use. First of all, the physical address is located at Nooitgedacht Regional Office Centre, PO Box 4033 Standerton 2430. It’s also possible to call them directly via their telephone number which is 017 712 8611/12. Additionally, there is a general fax line available at 017 717 1205 that can be used to send any documents or other communications as required.

The official website for Matla Power Station also provides useful information on company operations and access to key contacts at the station. Here, you’ll find essential facts such as their full address and various department phone numbers too.

Those needing to write letters or emails can direct these towards the station’s main email address which is [email protected] while the customer services department can be contacted directly by sending mail to custservmps@eskomlawestbrook1exmail2stalucy1menlo1pointcommatsXOscarxValkieren-sdawes0paulgribble-energytechaaronixdotcom1rswaleshopeflaxxairmailproddingfaeyoucefYthe-quickcoachshoesperfectchipslookalloyslifegroupcastdiamondnetgembvipics .

Finally, if you need further assistance from Matla Power Station staff members directly then simply drop into their offices during regular working hours between 07:00 and 17:00 every weekday (excluding public holidays). There’s usually someone available and willing to help with any queries or questions you may have about operations at the station around this time period too.

At Matla Power Station finding contact details couldn’t be simpler and ordering electricity from them doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes either! Whether it’s speaking to customer service representatives over the phone or dropping into their office in Sondelani near Standerton, they’re just a few clicks away!

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