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Load shedding for christmas

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Load shedding for christmas

What Christmas Lights Look Like without Electric Load Shedding

This Christmas season, electric load shedding will throw a unique challenge to one of the most treasured traditions: adorning your home with twinkling lights. In many cities around the world, power outages have already caused residential inconveniences. And if you live in an area that’s susceptible to load shedding, this holiday could be unseasonably dark.

But don’t despair! As numerous entrepreneurs are proving, electricity isn’t necessary for creating an enchanting lit-up display. Instead of plugging in traditional lights, decorators can light up their homes using plenty of other energy alternative solutions available on the market.

For example, fairy lights powered by solar microgenerators are gaining popularity among homeowners who want to go green even during the holidays. Solar panels placed on roofs generate electricity that operates LED or fairy lights on your lawn or around your home’s perimeter – totally eliminating your dependence on electric power and keeping half of that carbon footprint off your conscience too!

If you’re serious about minimizing sparkly decorations’ impact on the environment without sacrificing either beauty or sparkling spirit this Christmas season, you may consider going for wind-powered decorations instead. Wind turbine generators collect kinetic energy from moving air and convert it into electrical power. This kind of tech works day and night regardless of weather conditions providing you with year-long LED lit decorations outside your property such as bushes or trees wrapped with strings of electric bulbs!

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Whatever solution you choose make sure its eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective – small steps make a difference when implemented regionally. Also keep in mind that going green isn’t only about decreasing electric bills during harsh winter months… but is also about protecting our planet for next generations to come!

Finding an Alternative to Electric Load Shedding this Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, festivities and fun. But this year, all hope of that could be dashed due to electric load shedding. Many South African families who rely on electricity would be struggling this holiday season as Eskom continues to ration electricity supply across most parts of the country.

Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through the load shedding this Christmas season. Here are some alternative energy solutions available to minimize the impact of load shedding on your festive celebrations:

Solar Panels – Installing solar panels in your home can offer you an uninterrupted supply of power even during grid outages caused by load shedding. Furthermore, it can help reduce your monthly power bills and will also result in reduced carbon footprints!
Generators – Generators are a great way to restore power when faced with unexpected outages. However, it is important that you purchase one designed for household use to ensure that there is no interference with electronics such as radios and computers.
Gas appliances – Gas appliances like geysers and stoves are another great way to beat the scourge of load shedding during holiday seasons. Not only do these appliances provide an instant source of energy but also reduce overall emissions significantly compared to their electrical counterparts!
Upset systems – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems protect sensitive electronic devices from outages and brown outs by providing an emergency source of power during them. Through UPS systems, you can even protect yourself from any damages or peripheral losses due to power failures this festive season!
In conclusion, electric load shedding doesn’t have to ruin Christmas if we embrace alternative energy sources as a stop-gap measure until our national grid improves. By taking pre-emptive action now, we can enjoy our holidays without worrying about losing out on warmth, joy and quality time due to power fluctuations or blackouts caused by Eskom’s erratic electricity supply system!

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Tips on Preparing your Home for Christmas Load Shedding

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes the unfortunate reality of load shedding. No one likes to be caught off guard during this special time of the year, so here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the game:

1. Invest in a Generator – Power outages can put a strain on your home’s electronics and appliances, so investing in a generator or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) could be a great way to avoid having all your lights and gadgets suddenly turn off. Be sure to check for availability at your local hardware store.

2. Have Supplies Handy – Have candles and flashlights available in the event of a power outage. This can help your family make it through without any major hiccups while they wait for electricity to be restored. Battery operated radios can also come in handy as they allow you access up-to-the minute news regarding when full power will likely be resumed.

3. Stock Up – Make sure that your fridge/freezer is stocked up ahead of time and don’t attempt to take on large projects like laundry when load shedding is implemented as these tasks require electricity in order to complete them properly. Having food already prepared is also recommended such as Soups, sandwiches or salads, as these can easily made with limited power available or no power at all.

4. Seek Safe Places – Whenever possible try going to public places such as shopping complexes during load shedding hours where their generators keep them running uninterrupted throughout the day/night. Hospitals also tend have priority access to electricity so if need be you can visit family members who might require medical attention during this difficult period.

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5 . Maximize Solar Power – Fortunately there are ways that you can still use solar energy even if there are periods when there’s no access to main grid power such are those caused by load shedding schemes. Installing solar panels and connecting them into the traditional electrical grid might not appear quite feasible right away but once enough renewable energy starts getting generated around you it has potential to ease some of the stress experienced by home owners due loss of electricity supplies from their normal outlets (Electricity Supply Company).

Take these tips into account when preparing for Christmas load shedding, so that you and your loved ones don’t get left in the dark!

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