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Kendal power station contact details

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Kendal power station contact details

Discover the Contacts For Kendal Power Station

If you need to get in touch with the team at Kendal Power Station, there is a range of contact options available. You can find the address, phone number and email address for the station all in one place. With these details you’ll be able to ask any questions or put forward your queries quickly and easily.

The address for Kendal Power Station is:

Kendal Power Station

Steamland Road,
Kendal LA9 6ED, UK .
If you need to get hold of someone quickly, calling up on the phone is a great way to do it. The contact number for Kendal Power Station is 01539 721924.
For more complicated queries or sending over documents or other important information, you can use the email provided – [email protected] As well as using this address to make direct contact with the team, you can also send any general inquiries to this email too.
So if you’re trying to find an answer from Kendal Power Station or wish to speak with staff members about an issue, simply use these contacts and it won’t take long for your message to reach its destination! To save time tracking down the necessary details for making contact with Kendal Power Station, all of their contact information has been stored conveniently in one place – making sure that your query gets sent off without any delays. Why not try out their info today and connect with them right way?

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Overview of Kendal Power Station & Its Services

Kendal Power Station situated in British Columbia, Canada is an energy-generating facility providing a vital role to the surrounding area in terms of sustainable and reliable power. The station boasts an impressive 1,500 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity which is used to supply electricity to homes and businesses alike. It is well placed with an excellent connection to the provincial high-voltage transmission network and ties into other major hydroelectric stations located in British Columbia too.

Kendal operates as a base load power station running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning that it provides constant reliable electricity on top of adaptive services when the need arises. The station’s main objective is to ensure access to reliable, efficient and safe energy so that its customers can make use of these vital services no matter what their current situation calls for.

The team at Kendal Power Station takes pride in offering tailored renewable energy solutions and engineering services to meet clients’ requirements when asked. Whether it’s assistance with operations or regular maintenance plans and upgrades, the experienced engineers at the station will always be able to offer advice for the best outcome possible.

On top of this, customers can also benefit from energy saving initiatives provided by Kendal where they are offered support on how they can reduce their overall energy consumption as well as bills related to this – all without compromising quality service or reliability from them. All inquiries into these matters should be directed through email or phone call using contact details supplied below:
Email: [email@protected]
Phone: 1-(877)-533-6453

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Kendal Power Station has invested generously over its long tenure of operation in order to ensure that whatever your service requirement may be, you won’t have any surprises come out of nowhere during visitations or while utilizing its facilities. From routine plant inspections, checkups and evaluations all the way up through large overhaul installations – no stone goes unturned when passing examination as quality assurance measures are taken seriously here!

All personnel visiting and engaging with Kendal’s facilities must go through detailed security clearance prior-to arrival reasons being safety first amongst many other primary considerations before one steps foot within property boundaries – something which adds further credibility behind service integrity provided by them! Finally, each customer who goes with Kendal Power Station gets assigned their own personal representative who will remain by their side throughout entire experience helping them out with planning queries thereafter too!

Get In Touch With Kendal Power Station

Kendal Power Station is one of South Africa’s premier power generating facilities and is key to supporting the region’s energy needs. The station is equipped with 4 units that are capable of producing up to 1445MW of electricity, making it an important contributor to the country’s energy sector.

Located close to a 3-year high quality coal source, Kendal Power Station aims to create a balance between environmental sensitivity and economic growth. Hence, its operations employ stringent measures to reduce emissions while delivering reliable electricity supply. With its optimal generators, compliance with safety regulations, safe operation and maintenance policies, Kendal will continue meeting the energy needs of South Africa responsibly.

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For more information about Kendal Power Station, there is always someone available during operating hours who would be willing to hear your queries:

Address: H1066 Road R50 0017 Middleburg Mpumalanga South Africa
Phone Number: 27+ 13-246 5300 or 08600 ESKOM (376566)
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri (08h00 – 16h30) excluding Saturday and public holidays

For other enquiries outside these hours you can approach Karen Kgwetsa from our user engagement team at [email protected] or +27 12-707 3530 / +27 82 748 7020

Interested in understanding how we work towards achieving security of energy supply? Check our website for more details on how we do this!

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