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How to make a cobblestone generator with pistons?

How to make a cobblestone generator with pistons?

A cobblestone generator is a contraption that uses pistons to generate an endless supply of cobblestone blocks. The beauty of this design is that it is completely automated and can be left to run on its own indefinitely. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of those extra pistons that you may have lying around!

A cobblestone generator is a machine that produces cobblestone from other blocks. They are usually built out of obsidian or cobblestone, and use a block of lava and a block of water. The water and lava blocks must be placed next to each other, and the pistons must be placed on top of the water block. When the pistons are activated, they will push the water and lava blocks together, causing the lava to turn into obsidian and the water to turn into cobblestone.

Can you break cobblestone with pistons?

If you’re having trouble breaking cobblestone with your vanilla pistons, you could try adding a ‘detonation chamber’ to your cobblestone generator. This will help to break up the cobblestone so that your pistons can more easily break it.

First, you will need a water bucket and a lava bucket. Dig out a four block line then, from the third block, place the lava bucket. Go back and fill the water bucket from a water source and pour it on the lava.

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How do you make a piston Stone generator in Minecraft

With a sticky piston facing upwards, and a block on top that is going to create your monostable, you need to make sure that the block is placed on top of the piston before the sticky piston is extended. If not, the block will not be pushed up and the monostable will not work.

Once you have placed that hopper, crouch down and place a block at the spot. Then, place two blocks over the hopper, and place a block on top of the two blocks.

What blocks can’t be pushed by pistons?

Some blocks cannot be pushed by pistons and the piston head will not extend. These blocks include Obsidian, Bedrock, Furnaces, Chests, etcetera. Pistons will not push blocks into the Void or the top of the map. Pumpkins, Cobwebs, Dragon Egg and Jack-O-Lanterns are turned back into items when pushed.

Periodic pistons are a great way to push cobblestone blocks out of a generator. They can push up to 12 blocks at a time, making them very efficient.

How do you make a 2 way cobblestone generator?

This is how you water your plants! You put the holes down like this, and then you dump water here and dump water here.

If you’re looking for a way to automate your chest-opening process in Minecraft, look no further than the F3+T method. This simple two-key shortcut will start your character automatically clicking on the chest in front of them, making life a whole lot easier. Just be sure to keep an eye on your inventory, as it can fill up quickly!

How do you make a cobblestone generator 2022

To create a cobblestone generator, you will need to place a water source block and a lava source block on opposite sides of a trench. When the two fluids collide, they will create a block of cobblestone.

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1. The first thing you need is some cobblestone. You can either mine it yourself or find it in a dungeon. Just make sure you have at least 64.
2. Next, you’ll need a water bucket. You can find these in any village or town.
3. Now, find a spot in your world where you want to build your stone generator. Make sure it’s in a flat area, and there’s nothing too close by that could catch on fire.
4. Once you’ve found the spot, start by building a 3×3 square of cobblestone.
5. Next, build a pillar in the middle of the square. It should be at least 2 blocks tall.
6. Now, place your water bucket on top of the pillar.
7. Congratulations! You’ve just built the easiest stone generator in Minecraft!

How do you make a smooth stone generator in Minecraft?

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I’d like to put a ring of glass blocks around the outside of my house. I think it would look really cool and would be a great way to show off my home.

How do you AFK cobblestone

To use the auto clicker, simply hold down your left mouse button and your clicks will be automatically registered. This is a great tool for those who want to speed up their gameplay or for those who want to make life a little bit easier.

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A cobblestone generator is a great way to get diamonds. By mining the cobblestone, you can find diamonds that can be used to craft powerful tools and armor.

Why does my cobblestone generator keep making obsidian?

As someone who frequently produces cobblestone, I have found that it is important to be careful to not let the flowing water touch the lava source block. Doing so destroys the lava source, converting it into obsidian. A basic understanding of fluids is helpful to prevent this from happening.

Slime blocks are one of the most versatile blocks in Minecraft. They can stick to almost any block, and can be used to move blocks around. Players can use slime blocks to create sophisticated contraptions and mechanisms.

What does a sticky piston do

The sticky piston is a great tool for moving blocks around, especially in tight spaces. However, keep in mind that when the power is turned off, the head will pull any blocks that it’s touching back with it. So be careful not to accidentally trap yourself!

Blocks such as glazed terracotta and honey blocks are exceptions; they do not move when adjacent slime blocks are moved, even if they are normally pushable by a piston.

Warp Up

The following is a guide on how to make a Cobblestone Generator with Pistons:


– 1x Stack of Cobblestone
– 2x Pistons
– 1x Lever


1. Place the Cobblestone in the middle of the two Pistons.

2. Place the Lever on one of the Pistons.

3. Activate the Lever, and the two Pistons will push the Cobblestone back and forth, generating new Cobblestone.

Overall, it is not too difficult to make a cobblestone generator with pistons. You will need to gather a few materials and have a bit of patience to get everything set up correctly, but with a little effort you should be able to create a fully functioning cobblestone generator. Be sure to test it out a few times before using it in your main game world to avoid any surprises.