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Get a Clear Picture of Eskom Load Shedding with this Interactive Map

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Eskom load shedding is a reality in South Africa. The interactive map helps citizens get a clear picture of Eskom’s schedule before it happens. It allows users to view areas affected by the planned outages, times and dates of each phase, as well as the duration for each phase. It also provides alternative resources for information about load shedding schedules.

Background of Eskom Load Shedding

Eskom, South Africa’s national electricity provider, implemented load shedding in 2008 to reduce the strain on its ageing power plants. This allows Eskom to avoid a total blackout, which could have catastrophic effects on the economy. The company uses an interactive map to help customers understand when load shedding will take place.

What is an Interactive Map?

An Interactive Map is an online map that allows people to zoom in, explore and interact with the featured content. It provides a visual representation of data related to geography or other topics.

Benefits of Using an Interactive Map to Monitor Load Shedding

This interactive map allows users to get an up-to-date picture of Eskom load shedding.
It offers a fast and convenient way to identify the level of load shedding in areas across South Africa.
The map is user friendly and helps users keep track of electricity outages in their region.
At a glance, users can view the type and stage of load shedding currently taking place, as well as any changes that may have taken place since the last update.
In addition, users can receive updates via email or SMS when there are changes in their area’s load shedding schedule.

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How to Access the Interactive Map

Accessing the interactive map is simple – just follow these steps:
1. Visit
2. Click on the ‘Load Shedding’ tab
3. Select the ‘Interactive Map’ option
4. Enter a suburb or city name to view current load shedding updates in your area

Features of the Interactive Map

The interactive map provides an overview of Eskom’s load shedding status. It displays detailed information on affected areas, current load shedding levels and general notices related to load shedding. The map also allows users to search for scheduled power outages in their area. This makes it easier for people to plan ahead and stay informed about any power outages that may occur. Additionally, the map provides resources such as energy saving tips, FAQs and contact details for Eskom’s customer services department.

Exploring the Interactive Map

Gain an understanding of Eskom Load Shedding by using this interactive map. Explore the map to find out where and when load shedding is occurring in your area. Identify which stage of the process has been implemented to understand the extent and duration of current interruptions.

What Data Is Shown on the Interactive Map

The interactive map of Eskom load shedding provides a clear snapshot of the affected areas in South Africa. It shows the stage and time schedule for power outages, as well as information on current and upcoming blackouts.

Summary & Conclusions

Eskom’s interactive map provides a clear picture of load shedding in South Africa. It includes detailed information on planned and unplanned outages, enabling users to easily check the status of their area. The map also offers useful data such as outage duration and power station performance. With this tool, customers can understand how load shedding affects their lives and make plans accordingly.

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Resources & Further Reading

Eskom’s interactive map provides a clear picture of its load shedding schedule. It offers insight into the areas and times affected each day, allowing users to stay informed. The map is updated every hour and displays live information on blackouts. Additionally, it includes resources and further reading on load shedding and energy conservation tips.

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