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The ESKOM Tender Bulletin is an important source of information for those interested in getting involved in business opportunities with the South African electricity supplier. This bulletin is published every week and contains information on all the available tenders issued by ESKOM, including the type of tender, description, deadline date and contact person to contact. It also includes a section on how to apply for a tender that provides step-by-step instructions.

For businesses looking to take up business opportunities related to ESKOM’s services or resources, it is essential for them to be well-informed about new tenders released by the company. The release of an ESKOM Tender Bulletin provides them with insight into what business transactions are available. This can help companies target their marketing efforts on relevant products, services or initiatives favoured by the company while also improving their chances of success in submitting a winning bid.

Companies can receive email alerts when new amendments are made to a particular tender, which can include price changes or even extension of closing dates. Recently registered vendors get access to additional benefits such as being able to synchronize the interactive document library with a Dropbox account – making managing documents even further streamlined and efficient.

Overall, the ESKOM Tender Bulletin helps keep companies updated on potential business deals while providing beneficial features such as alert notifications and interactive document library access that make staying informed easier than ever before. Businesses now have an effective tool that serves as an early insider tip notifying them of any upcoming opportunistic deals from this major power supplier before anyone else does – so they have ample time to prepare and make sure they don’t miss out!

Overview of the Tender Bulletin and How to Access It

The South African tender bulletin, or the Eskom Tender Bulletin, is an up-to-date and comprehensive list of available tenders. It does not only contain current opportunities from Eskom, but various other public sector entities as well. Every Saturday a new digital version of the bulletin is issued with notices of recent, upcoming and expired tenders.

What Can You Find in the Tender Bulletin?

The Eskom tender bulletin includes contracts that are widely-advertised and open to all suppliers who meet the required criteria. The available contracts featured include national-, provincial – and local government tenders as well as those from Eskom itself. It also includes private sector opportunities such as private companies advertising for subcontractors or firms looking to partner on certain projects. All potential bidders must determine in which category they fit best before submitting any bids for these opportunities

Where to Access the Tender Bulletin

All interested parties can access the weekly tender bulletin on various platforms including official websites run by individual government departments; published print advertisements; broadcasted radio announcements or even newspapers. Besides physical access to any of those media channels, many government organizations have gone digital where this information is often found active online websites and portals specifically designed for bidders accessing them through a manual search engine. Once you locate your desired notice within this portal then you can proceed to read more about it and how it relates to your business or personal standpoint along with all its rules and regulations associated with that opportunity

A Closer Look at What is Available in the Tender Bulletin

Those looking for business opportunities can turn to the Eskom Tender Bulletin, with publications released weekly and monthly that list the various projects that Eskom offers. By visiting the official website, businesses will find the most up-to-date information on all of Eskoms tenderes and quotations. As South Africa’s leading energy provider, there are always plenty of opportunities available in construction, engineering and power sectors.

The tender bulletin is released once a week on Fridays at 10:00am and contains information about new and recently opened tenders and quotations as well as additional updates or clarifications pertaining to submitted bids or current tenders. One can also access premium news insights and market analyses that provide an understanding of the best practices when submitting a tender. Every bulletin will include all of the relevant details such as a short description of what is being requested, contact information and where you can obtain additional documentation related to each project if necessary.

Not only does viewing these listings provide valuable insights into current business opportunities but it also presents an opportunity network with other stakeholders for some potential collaborations. Such connections should be established so that your business may integrate more meaningfully into future endeavors. It is important to understand how these tenders function in various industries, particularly within the energy sector. What’s more these publications also feature advertisements from suppliers who have been awarded contracts–this offers additional insight into what types of services they provide and what they specialized in, which might lead to new partnerships or similar engagements down the line.

Understanding the specifics within each listing will help you assess whether your company has what it takes to fill Eskom’s requirements for a particular tender–from requisite experience to possible partnering arrangements between chosen entities. With thorough research within this bulletin one can gain profound knowledge about upcoming business opportunities in South Africa’s energy sector’ allowing you stay ahead of industry trends when responding to applicable projects.

Finding and Attending the Right Tenders

Eskom tender bulletins are extremely useful when it comes to staying informed about upcoming tenders and proceedings. By using this invaluable resource, organizations can make sure that they’re up-to-date on new opportunities and take advantage of any tendering opportunities. Companies looking for the latest Eskom tender notices can check out their website to access the latest information, allowing them to search specific locations or keywords so they can quickly identify local tenders that may benefit their business.

By subscribing to contribute notices, companies can also stay up-to-date with all changes in the industry by using their regularly updated bulletin which details all modifications and amendments in terms of bid submissions and requirements. With just a few clicks, an organization can instantly see new requests as well as renewed invitations they may have missed while searching manually before.

Another great feature that’s available when it comes to Eskom tender bulletins is the ‘find tenders’ section. This portal offers easy navigation between available resources and allows users to filter their search by location, description or even by desired industry. This is especially convenient when trying to narrow down results based on specific criteria, making it easier for applicants to refine the process of submitting bids. In addition, users will be able to locate specific contact details for businesses seeking proposals as well as related documents since all relevant information is conveniently compiled in one spot.

Tender bulletins are therefore a valuable resource for any organization within the energy sector who want to make sure they’re not only kept abreast of opportunities but also remain ahead of their competition by taking immediate advantage of them. They allow corporations quick and easy access vital information so that all aspects related to tenders such as amounts being offered, deadlines and other pertinent details are readily available 24/7 with minimal effort from the part of interested parties. Allowing even small companies an equal chance at successful contract fulfillment while providing them with valuable tips regarding how best approach potential buyers makes Eskom’s service incomparable.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Securing an Eskom Tender

Have you been looking to secure an Eskom tender? Although the process appears intimidating and difficult, there are certain steps and strategies which, if followed closely, can lead to success. Here is a guide to help you increase your chances of securing an Eskom tender.

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Gather Information: Before beginning the process, spend time researching and understanding the basics of Eskom tenders. Learn about their various duration timelines as well as their awarding criteria and details for acceptance or rejection. Gaining information is essential for making informed decisions later in the process.

Understand Your Goals: After getting familiar with the overall details regarding Eskom tenders, start thinking about what your desired outcome is from participating in one. Make sure that this goal aligns with what you can actually accomplish. Knowing what you want from the project will help you develop a successful tender proposal which may bring positive results.

Contact Involved Parties: Many organizations look for qualified suppliers or service providers for their projects; hence it is essential to inform them that your company fulfills these requirements by contacting relevant people/entities such as contract officers or public contacts of departments related to Eskom tenders. Also explore industry specific contacts like chambers of commerce and professional societies who may have knowledge regarding current projects under consideration by Eskom.

Start Preparing Your Proposal: Now that you have all necessary information at hand, it’s time to start preparing your proposal -the most crucial element of any tender bid application. Utilize all available resources such as advice from more experienced bidders or instructional articles on creating winning bids. Keep up to date with any emerging opportunities within Eskom and adjust your strategy accordingly

Focus on Meetings: Contact anyone involved with Eskom tenders such as decision makers or stakeholders directly via meetings or conference calls to demonstrate how capable your organization is for the job at hand. This will ensure direct interaction between both parties thus potentially leaving a positive impression on them which may influence their decision after submission of formal written proposals

Being Knowledgeable about Regulations : Each procurement system has its own rules- regulations ,and procedures .Familiarise yourself with those applicable to an eskom tender by requesting advice from the respective procurement team . Once you have identified where yours bids should address focus moreon targeting those specifics while writing a successful bid

Get Professional Help: If needed, hire a specialist consultant who can provide assistance at every stage right till contract award through developing strategies as well as guide in technical proposal writing etc.. This way you can take off some burden off your shoulder helping you concentrate better in other aspects during this exciting yet complicated journey ahead!

How Do I Track an Open Tender?

Are you looking to keep up with open tender proposals and decisions? Tracking an open tender can be a difficult and time consuming process – but fortunately there is an easy way to do it. Eskom Tender Bulletin is a helpful online platform that makes tracking tenders easier than ever before. With this useful tool, you can quickly find the relevant tenders for your chosen industry, as well as access information about them. This article will explain how using Eskom Tender Bulletin can make tracking open tenders simpler and more direct.

What is Eskom Tender Bulletin?

Eskom Tender Bulletin is an online resource created by the South African utility giant Eskom, which makes it easy to track open tenders across numerous different industries. It contains all of the bids, invitations to quote, invitations to bid and requests for qualification listed on their website. By utilizing this platform, individuals or business entities have access to bid documents from newspapers and trade magazines with just one click. For each tender listing, there is also an associated map page included which displays the exact location of where the tender was issued as well as other important details pertaining to it.

Advantages of Using Eskom Tender Bulletin

When using this resource for tracking an open tender, you benefit from multiple advantages. For starters, it saves you a great deal of time by providing all of the necessary information at once without requiring any extra effort from your end. Additionally, since these documents come directly from Eskom’s website rather than third-party sources, they are reliable and up-to-date which ensures greater accuracy when searching for relevant tenders in particular industries or geographic locations. In addition to this convenience and accurate results, users are also able to view expired tenders as far back as two years or more in some cases so that they stay informed even if the listed proposal has already closed or been awarded elsewhere.

For anyone looking for an efficient yet comprehensive method of tracking open tenders across different industries or markets then Eskom Tender Bulletin is certainly worth considering. With just a few clicks you gain access to reliable and timely data whilst benefitting from additional features such as viewing expired proposals every now and then for further insight into ongoing projects in specific regions or sectors throughout South Africa. All in all – it’s definitely worth giving this useful resource a try!

What to Keep in Mind When Submitting a Tender

Submitting a successful tender is no easy feat but with proper preparation and research, you can maximize your chances of success. When considering what to include in your tender response package, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

1. Read the tender documents thoroughly and carefully: It is essential to read every page of the tender documents thoroughly to understand all the details and requirements by the client. Knowing each requirement inside-out will give you an edge compared to other businesses that may have missed something important.

2. Take into account the timeline and legal aspects: Make sure you understand when different phases of the project are expected to be completed and all the other requirements before submitting a bid. Understanding any applicable laws and regulations related to completing this project will also help ensure a smooth process at every stage.

3. Get familiar with all technical components: Familiarizing yourself with all technical components that are needed for successful completion of the project will help set you apart from competitors bidding on this opportunity. Make sure you have personnel available that have expertise in this area so that any special needs can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

4. Highlight your unique skillsets: Every business has unique skill sets or capabilities they bring to the table – make sure they are properly highlighted when submitting a response package, as it helps clients better understand how your company stands out compared to others in terms of service delivery, cost competitiveness, etc.

5 Ensure pricing accuracy & fair payment terms: In order for any business relationship between the client and supplier/service provider to be successful, pricing accuracy & fair payment terms must be determined up front so both parties know exactly what is expected from them throughout each phase of project execution . Double checking these elements prior to submission will ensure faster approval down the line upon selection as most clients require these elements as part of their evaluation criteria .

By following these tips, companies can maximize their chances of submitting an effective bid for any given project or opportunity offering by understanding exactly what clients need & providing well defined solutions that address their exact requirements. Doing this type of upfront preparation not only reduces risk during execution but creates more favourable conditions overall so everybody involved has peace of mind knowing expectations set out at outset have been met during tendering process itself!

Techniques for Successfully Managing Eskom Tenders

Eskom tenders provide a great opportunity for companies to secure work with the state-owned electricity utility. But managing these tenders can be quite complicated and challenging. Companies need to know how to develop a successful strategy and make sure that their tender is submitted on time, accurately and compliantly. In this article, we explore some essential tips which companies should take into account when managing Eskom tenders.

Research & Planning
It’s crucial to start with excellent research and planning from the outset of an Eskom tender process. Companies should familiarize themselves with the applicable regulations and understand the terms being offered in tenders to ensure that their submission meets every requirement needed for consideration by Eskom. It’s also important to make careful estimates about the amount of resources needed for the project. Understanding any potential risks associated with the project will go a long way to helping companies adjust accordingly if necessary.

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Effective Management & Communication
Throughout the tender process, companies need to ensure effective management and communication between all involved parties- from suppliers and contractors, through to Eskom employees. Careful monitoring should be implemented so that progress is monitored correctly and efficiently – if issues arise during this period, they need to be addressed on time so as not to disrupt any facets of the job unnecessarily. Communication must be clear so that all personnel involved are aware of specific requirements being set out by Eskom regarding timelines, regulations etc., allowing them ample warning when there are changes or amendments which may affect what is delivered by them.

Quality Control
Companies must strive not only for accuracy but also quality when submitting tenders for work with Eskom – doing so demonstrates that they have put a lot of effort into it, understands their client and priorities quality in everything they do. Quality control tactics such as double-checking calculations, investigating alternative options potentially available (e.g., using different materials/products) should be taken into consideration so as not reduce costs without compromising on standards at hand. Even after acceptance has been given, consistent checks throughout the entire project should be made in order guarantee all deliverables match what was agreed upon initially.

Timekeeping & Compliance
Timekeeping is possibly one of the most important aspects associated with managing Eskom tenders – making sure that all documents are submitted prior to deadline date is essential if you’re hoping you even get an opportunity of being considered by Eskom for their projects! Strict compliance must always be following during documentation phases – incorrect information or submission which don’t meet requirements specified can result in organizations disqualifying themselves at best – or worse penalized for noncompliance with government laws and governing bodies responsible for these public works schemes!

Overall taking care when managing an Eskom tender requires careful attention every step along way – prepping correctly before submitting enhances your chances significantly; maintaining open communication between yourself•and other stakeholders ensures everyone aware what’s expected from them; committing yourself maintaining highest possible quality throughout reduces likelihood of unforeseen issues arising; meeting deadlines guarantees those concerned get chance look over your offering timely manner – they appreciate effort gone providing accurate information compliant format first place! Finally keeping up date law regulations within industry helps guarantee whatever producing totally legitimate use!

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Vendor?

Join the thousands of vendors already taking advantage of the many benefits of being part of Eskom’s Tender Bulletin. By becoming a vendor, you can access useful and up-to-date information about tenders from the South African public sector, including national and provincial departments, municipalities and other listed entities. With the Tender Bulletin, you can easily find the right tenders that match your business skills. On top of that, Eskom provides helpful online tools and support throughout each step of the bidding process.

As a registered vendor, you’ll also benefit from receiving weekly notification emails featuring newly announced tenders. This ensures you don’t miss out on any new opportunities and can keep abreast of any changes to existing tenders. In addition to this, all tender documents are downloadable ensuring you have immediate access to up-to-date materials at no extra cost.

If your company is chosen as one of the successful bidders, there are still more advantages to be gained from having Eskom Tender Bulletin by your side. It provides Subcontractor Notice Board services which allow subcontractors to easily register their details for preferential supplier subcontracting opportunities directly through a public platform – streamlining bidding processes for everyone involved in project delivery.

Once you’re an approved vendor with Eskom’s Tender Bulletin service, you’ll enjoy added exposure for your business by becoming part of their expansive network filled with key stakeholders such as government departments and financial institutions who rely on it for finding qualified suppliers. Ultimately, being a vendor allows your business to grow while helping ensure South African civil/public projects continue moving forward in progress and success!

Challenges Faced by Eskom Vendors

Eskom tender bulletin has become increasingly popular in South African industry space as it is a vital medium for staying informed on the bidding and tendering opportunities from Eskom. However, that being said, there are several challenges which potential vendors face while using the Escom tender bulletin system.

Firstly, the language of most documents is technical and complex, causing difficulty for many vendors to understand the terms of a particular tender or contract. Furthermore, the time frame allocated to complete documentation or documentation questions is often very limited. This means that without extensive resources devoted to complete tender information and questions accurately and quickly, vendors are likely to either overlook key details or fail to meet deadlines.

Next comes networking with existing contractors in an effort to learn more about material types, bid procedures and other general knowledge related to Eskom tenders. Without familiarising oneself with such information by talking directly to existing contractors makes successful tendering unrealistic as past examples from current bidders are known only through contacting one another.

Another challenge of tendering through Eskom Tender Bulletin system is price reliance. Many companies opt for low-cost bids in order to get their foot in the door when dealing with larger entities like Eskom itself. This could lead to an unhealthy business approach whereby other conditions like quality assurance or production times may be compromised in line with lower costs at play.

In additionto this manyifnotmostEscomtendersrequirerelevantcertificationsandexperiencepriortoajudicatoryprocess takingplacebetweentheconsultantandtheclientwhichaddsanotherlevelofcomplexityto this already daunting procedure. Such certifications need to be obtained beforehand as well as ensuring all documentation meets compliance requirements otherwise certain bids can be disregarded before it reaches evaluation stages. As a result comprehensive research needs be done beforehand combined with experience so that particular criteria can be met accordingly by certain interested vendors offering services for Escom Tender Bulletin systems specifically .

In short, eskom tenders require thorough understanding of regulations in order for individuals to evaluate risk appropriately then move forward successfully with submitting appropriate proposals while endeavoringfor maximum RIO potential. Vendors also need to have realistic timelines set out whilst alsoexercisingsufficient duediligencebeforeattemptingtosubmittenderquestionsperiodicallyinorderforcompliance purposes..

Keeping Updated with Eskom Tender Bulletin

Staying abreast of the latest Eskom tender bulletin can be essential for those involved in the purchasing arena. For anyone who is interested in Eskom, it is important to know what tenders are available and how to take advantage. Through the Eskom tender bulletin, one can gain insight into current and future opportunities with this vital South African energy provider.

The Eskom tender bulletin is updated regularly and includes all types of requests from tenders to quotations. It ensures that every party involved has access to current information on available projects and services that may be beneficial by providing reliable, up-to-date information on active tenders and related news.

By understanding how this bulletin works, businesses across South Africa know that when a new tender opens up or some changes are made to an existing one, everyone involved will hear about it immediately through the bulletin. Companies looking for a competitive edge can also make use of post-tender documents which provide a breakdown on submitted bids or information on contact lists of key players in certain industries – also found within the bulletin itself.

Subscribing to the Eskom newsletter makes it easy to remain updated on forthcoming developments regarding new tenders and projects since newsletters will detail all of the relevant information companies need to participate. Furthermore, additional resources such as attendee lists from events related to Eskom can be accessed through the newsletter too.

For those wanting full access to Eskom’s data, registration for MyEskomConnect can provide them with full visibility into market trends as well as identify contracts awarded or even see which documents must be provided in upcoming bids. With MyEskomConnect, companies have a full range of options at their disposal allowing them to maximize their tender efforts while streamlining processes with technology tailored specifically towards their industry requirements.

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By taking advantage of these tools combined with subscribing to newsletters released by Eskom, individuals or companies will have no difficulty sourcing necessary information on upcoming contracts or requests for proposals (RFPs). Connecting with an invaluable source like this is essential if you want every opportunity possible coming your way in relation to Eskom related purchases now or in the near future

Advantages of E-tenders

E-tenders are becoming popular for their many advantages in the business world. For example, companies now have the ability to find and select a wide range of suppliers quickly and cost-efficiently. Additionally, electronic tendering reduces paperwork costs as it can be done entirely through digital means.

Moreover, particpating bidders can take advantage of features like automated bid deadlines that ensure all stakeholders ability to review the bids on time. This helps to reduce potential delays in evaluation processes. It also enables adequate preparation time which allows participants to submit robust and well thought out tenders. Furthermore, digital documents can be easily shared between bidders thus allowing for quick back and forth communication between rejecters and acceptors.

The use of e-tenders also provides transparency in the process with providers having access to detailed reports on competing bids. This is beneficial for proposers by helping them price the most economically advantageous tenders making it easier for them to make smart decisions when selecting bids from different entities.

E-tender systems are online services that enable businesses or organizations of any size to issue tender requests, publish information about previous winners, reviews past performance records or financial capabilities of bidders, store historic data and/or search engine indexed records of past tenders amongst other functionalities – all digitally enabled with accuracy & speed not possible in paper document filing systems . The system eliminates both cumbersome manual labour processes associated with physical paper filings as well as typical user errors due to human input mistakes that are inherent when dealing with manual data entry into classic office applications like Excel spreadsheets or Access databases.. This makes it easy for organizations to efficiently manage the entire tender procedure saving them time & money while still delivering accurate results during each selection process.

Dangers of Submitting Late Tenders

Late tenders can be particularly dangerous when it comes to getting a successful bid. As soon as tender documents are released, the clock starts ticking and companies must get their tenders in on time or face severe consequences. Failing to submit the appropriate tender document on the required date will put a company at a distinct disadvantage compared to those who are able to meet that deadline. This could mean forfeiting the chance to take part in certain types of contracts altogether. Submitting a late tender can also have serious legal implications, as violating tender guidelines may result in civil or even criminal penalties – not only for the individual submitting, but also for their company as well.

Time management is critical if businesses are hoping to get the best possible result from competitive bidding processes. Companies need to ensure that they have accounted for enough time prior to the actual due date for any unanticipated issues, such as delivery delays or technical difficulties. Proper preparation is essential so that all of the provisions specified by the project administrators are met, giving businesses better chances of success come evaluation time.

In order to stay competitive and consistently meet deadlines while following bureaucratic structures, organizations should develop efficient organizational strategies within their companies and throughout their supplier networks. Scheduling processes should be integrated with relevant external partners who can provide customized solutions tailored towards each specific assignment’s needs depending on its own unique circumstances—allowing businesses to keep up-to-date with all necessary information and still adhere to submission deadlines. Additionally, clarifying regularly whether new requirements have emerged during bidding process gives businesses more precise control over time planning for tender bids once documents release has been issued. Companies must act quickly when it comes down to responding successful bids at Eskom Tender Bulletin and other electronic platforms in order for them not fall behind in the ever-increasing competition among bidders .

Ultimately, getting a winning bid relies on accurately forecasting internal resources and awareness of key deadlines which vary from one task assigned by Tender Bulletin to another one – both of which must be addressed without fail by every organization looking forward making a successful bid at Eskom’s online platform or other public institutions or private entities that release tenders through traditional methods as well as e-bidding occasioned by technological advancements across many sectors around globe. Strict adherence timely submission along with accuracy and precision descriptions provided corresponding services is paramount factor enabling business organizations achieve their goals we bid setting process run it smoothly manner quite frequently secured profitable results desired our high competition environment like Eskom Tender bulletin cases where tight timelines govern response times assessment evaluations conducted upon receiving submittals prior deadline expiry marked very crucial factor determining profitability involvement particular contract agreement comprehensive base terms , conditions late provisions whatsoever might apply prove fundamental aspects creating favorable balance being successful bidder duly selected before curtains close .

Benefits of Open Tendering for Eskom

Open tender processes offer a range of advantages to companies such as Eskom. These benefits include increased accountability, transparency, and fairness in the awarding of contracts. As one of South Africa’s largest energy suppliers, it is essential that Eskom adheres to strict standards. Open tenders make sure that everyone involved plays by the rules and gets a fair shot at winning contracts.

Open tendering also aids in securing the best possible value for money from suppliers as there is competition amongst prospective providers to win the contract. This ensures prices stay competitive and at optimal value for both Eskom itself and its customers.

Another major benefit of open tendering is that it allows small businesses to compete on an equal footing with larger companies. Prior to open tenders, small companies often felt neglected or unimportant when it came time for the awarding of contracts by Eskom. Having an open tender process provides them with a platform through which they can vie for contracts just like larger corporate entities are able to do.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of an open tender process however, Eskom must ensure that adequate procedures are put in place which guarantee full compliance when assessing interested bidders; this includes well-defined criteria as well as detailed technical specifications that allow all parties an equal chance at obtaining their desired result. Ensuring these requirements are met will create greater confidence in the transparency of operations and outcomes between those bidding and those processing bids on behalf of Eskom

These days, it’s essential for organizations such as Eskom to implement fair and transparent processes when choosing potential contractors or suppliers for projects or services – not only does this ensure maximum value for money but it also validates its commitment to ethical practices throughout all aspects of its operations – from financial repercussions to public trust – making open tendering an invaluable asset worth considering now more than ever before!


Looking to optimize your value in the Eskom Tender Bulletin market can be a daunting task, especially when considering the many risks that come with company tenders. Eskom plays a major role in South Africa’s energy sector, and can offer substantial rewards for companies willing to bid on modernizing older technologies such as solar or wind energies. But it also carries stiff penalties for those not aware of proper protocol or who fail to understand the intricacies of today’s technologies.

What considerations must you take into account while competing in Eskom’s tender market? First, identify your strengths and weaknesses; are there specialized services you offer that could make your bid stand out? Do you possess the appropriate technology for more technical bids? Second, research competitors’ bids; understanding where others succeeded and where they fell short will help inform what competition is like in the market. Third, review all relevant documentation thoroughly before submitting a bid; failing to do so can impede on legality as well as cost effectiveness in the long run.

By taking steps such as these and utilizing the best of their resources and know-how, companies should have no trouble making bids and succeeding in Escom’s tender bulletin market. As always it is important to always remain cognizant of potential risks along with looking for potential opportunities presented by this rewarding process. With careful examination of requirements and realistic goals – accessing new sources of work through Eskom tenders should become much easier.

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