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eskom contact

What Eskom Contact Information is Available?

If you need assistance from your local Eskom branch, one of the best ways to get in touch is through the company’s phone line. The main contact number for Eskom is 08600 37566. Calling this number will allow you to speak to a customer service representative who can provide assistance with any issues or queries that you might have. You can also make enquiries about services, orders and payments over the phone. Additionally, there are some more specific numbers available if you want to enquire about a certain area of the business, such as Home Services (0860 44 4444), Energy Efficiency (0860 040 904) or Electrical Leasing & Supplies (086 013 6010).

Apart from calling directly to speak with a representative, customers also have other ways to contact Eskom. They have an online help center where people can find information on how to use their products, make payments and track their order status. Additionally, they have an email address – [email protected] – which allows customers to communicate directly with their support team via email and receive helpful answers in a timely manner. For those people who wish to connect through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Eskom has multiple accounts that are regularly active so customers can always keep up with the latest news and updates regarding the company’s services and initiatives.

Exploring the Benefits of Contacting Eskom

Eskom is the leading provider of electricity in South Africa, and they provide power to millions of homes and businesses across the country. With the help of Eskom’s services, families and businesses are able to access reliable and affordable energy. If you have a question about an Eskom invoice or service, it’s important to contact them for assistance. Here are some benefits of making contact with Eskom.

The friendly customer service team at Eskom is always willing to assist with any queries you may have. Whether you need advice on reducing your electricity bill or information about new services available, the team can provide knowledgeable answers that will help you make the best choices for your energy needs.

Making contact with Eskom doesn’t just have to be limited to customer service queries; Eskom also provides various opportunities for customers to connect with their offerings, such as account management tools, app downloads, and web portal login access. By taking advantage of these tools, customers are able to monitor their energy consumption and budget in real-time while helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Eskom understands that it can be difficult sometimes for customers to get in touch due to business hours or busy schedules which is why they offer an array of contact channels through which one can make queries or request assistance such as a call centre line or simply dropping an email at [email protected] By giving customers multiple methods of communication, it ensures everyone can access help when they need it most – even during off-business hours if required!

Eskom’s comprehensive online resources also enable customers to take charge of their energy use without having to contact the company directly. These resources include easy-to-follow tutorials on topics ranging from security systems installationto appliance maintenance and energy efficiency tips – all designed to help customers get the most out of their energy consumption whilst remaining cost-effective with minimal environmental impact!

Ultimately by engaging with Eskom, consumers can benefit from quick resolution times as well as accessible online resources that allow them complete control over their energy consumption – something that will ensure a better life for both people and the planet going forward!

Easy Accessible Self-Service Eskom Support

Getting help straight from Eskom is now quicker and easier than ever before. With their self-service contact feature, you can quickly get in touch with the team for answers to all your questions.

Regardless of how big or small your inquiry may be, you can be sure that Eskom has got you covered – from general inquiries about billing to queries concerning technical problems. They provide knowledgeable and tailored support 24/7. Finding reliable customer service has never been this easy.

If you need to talk directly to a representative, you can get hold of them via telephone during business hours from 8AM – 4PM (Monday – Friday). If calling outside of business hours, simply leave a message on their answering machine and someone will get back to you as soon as they’re back in the office.

Eskom also offer a convenient online chat facility, which is another great way of overseeing customer service requests within minutes. All you have to do is log on and enter your email address and query into their live dialogue box, and you’ll soon receive a response by trained professionals who are always ready to help.

If neither phone calls nor online chats don’t sound like your cup of tea, then there’s still the option of email support too! You can fill out the contact form located on their website with all the necessary information, along with some details about your query itself – once received by Eskom team members – they’ll respond back promptly so you can carry on with tackling whatever issue it was that brought about your request for help in the first place!

Eskom’s self-service contact feature provides quick access for obtaining help when needed, making it easy for individuals or businesses alike. Whether it’s an existing problem or something even more urgent that requires extra attention – getting in touch couldn’t be simpler! All you need do is reach out using any one of the above methods and before long – expect an appropriate solution that best matches up with your requirements!

How to Contact Eskom by Phone

Customers who are looking to get in touch with Eskom can easily do so by using their toll-free phone number. Eskom makes it easy for customers to voice any queries, concerns or complaints they may have in regards to their services, allowing them to reach out and have help quickly. The number that can be used for contacting Eskom is 086 003 7566 for customers in South Africa, meaning no international call charges will be incurred. Business hours are from 8am till 8pm from Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays.

If a customer calls the Eskom phone number after hours, there is a specially designated call centre that operates from 5pm till 11pm on weekdays and then 24/7 over weekends and on public holidays – allowing customers facing problems or those simply seeking general information about the company the chance to contact staff for help immediately.

The trained professionals employed by Eskom’s customer service department can answer questions related to account and billing inquiries, usage analysis as well as electricity supply interruptions and installations. All companies supplied by Eskom may also seek guidance and support in terms of updates regarding tariffs as well as health & safety regulations which apply when using the electricity supply given by them.

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Eskom strives to make things easier for its customers, so not only does it offer this phone line during extended hours if required but they also provide an option of self-help via a live chat window found on their website. This allows customers to execute fairly simple tasks such as submitting meter readings electronically, making payments online or retrieving various account settings anytime from anywhere across the globe. It goes without saying that utilizing this feature is incredibly convenient!

How to Get in Touch With Eskom Via Email

Do you need to get in touch with Eskom but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, the energy company provides several different email contacts to help customers with inquiries, feedback and more. In this article, we’ll walk through a simple guide on how to send an email to Eskom and provide you with all the contact information you need.

When it comes to sending an email to Eskom, there are two different ways for customers to contact them – either via their online Contact Webform or directly via their email addresses provided by the company.

To get in touch through their Contact Webform page, simply navigate your way to and fill out the relevant information required by Eskom’s webform. For those who would prefer sending an email instead, below is a comprehensive list of Eskom’s different email addresses:

General Contacts: [email protected]
Billing & Results Queries: [email protected] or [email protected]
Feedback & Complaints: [email protected] or [email protected]

For a speedy response from the energy provider regarding queries about bill payments or electricity supply issues, it is best for customers to include as much information as possible within their message – such as reference numbers associated with any bills or account queries – in order for them to be able to respond accordingly and as quickly as possible. Additionally, it is also good practice for customers inquiring about complaints and feedback to provide detailed descriptions of what prompted them to make this contact in the first place; doing so ensures that Eskom has a full understanding of what they are looking into before replying back or taking action if necessary.

Making Contact With Eskom Via Mail

Communicating with Eskom via mail can be a great way to ensure that your issues, queries and concerns are heard and taken care of appropriately. Reaching out to the company electronically gives you the added advantage of being able to keep track of the process and having proof of correspondence in case you need it later. The South African electricity provider offers customers a reliable and convenient way to contact them by email. Here’s what you need to know about getting in touch with Eskom via mail:

First off, customers can send their messages directly to Eskom at [email protected] or they can also fill out the customer feedback form on their website found at . When using either option, always provide your full name, contact details, location and account number so that your inquiry is directed to the correct department for speedy resolution.

When sending an email, make sure all relevant information is included such as meter readings, current water and electricity supply or service details if applicable. This will enable Eskom to provide you with accurate feedback shortly after receipt of your query. Try to be as specific as possible when describing your issue so that you have a greater chance of receiving effective advice or assistance regarding particular areas such as payment plans, technical support tips and price comparisons etc

Finally, make sure that you telephone Eskom beforehand if the query is important or urgent in nature like billing inquiries which require immediate attention before they incur any penalties or interest charges respectively. This helps break down any language barriers between customer care agents and clients which saves time plus creates a more efficient means of resolving disputes quickly and effectively so everyone is on the same page in terms of customer service standards maintained by Eskom day after day!

How Eskom Customer Care Can Help

Getting in touch with Eskom Customer Services is a great way to get help and support with your issues. They can provide full customer service assistance, issue warranties, help with repairs and replacements, as well as provide bill payment services. They can also discuss options available for customers who may have been struggling in paying their electricity bills or need assistance with saving energy.

Whether you’re looking for advice on electricity payments, interested in discussing payment plans that suit your budget needs, or wanting to learn more on ways to save energy and cut costs on your electricity bills, Eskom’s Customer Care team involves experienced advisors who are ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re already an existing Eskom customer and want to report a fault or if you just looking for suggestions regarding efficient use of energy, contact the friendly Customer Care team anytime via telephone, email or live chat support. As soon as they receive your enquiry, their knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently.

For those wanting more detailed information about different tariffs and offerings from Eskom such as prepaid vouchers customers can purchase at outlets located near them? Or maybe you only want to know when meter readings are due? Don’t hesitate! Get into contact with one of the experienced advisors at Eskom’s Customer Care today! Their helpful agents will be available directly assist your needs so that you can get prompt solutions towards any matters related to electricity usage at home.

For an even faster response time? Visit one of the many customer care centers located throughout the country where knowledgeable representatives will be there ready to help handle enquiries without delay; whether it’s something general such as requesting new account details or reporting an issue then they promise quick resolutions guaranteed!

Eskom is committed to providing excellent customer service throughout South Africa thus eliminating obstacles that limit reliable access to electricity within households everywhere . Their dedicated Customer Care team strives tirelessly offering dedicated opinions that achieve our vision of ‘improving lives through affordable and sustainable access to energy’. So don’t wait another minute – Get in touch with Eskom now for long lasting solutions towards all Electricity Needs!

Steps to Follow When Making an Eskom Complaint

When you’re dissatisfied with Eskom services, making an official complaint is the best way to resolve your situation. Depending on the nature of your complaint, there are various ways to go about this process. Here are some important steps to follow when making an Eskom complaint in South Africa:

1. Get the Details: Gather all relevant information that can support your claim and make sure it is accurate. This will include your contract details, account numbers and bills/invoices for any services you used or paid for from them.

2. Understand Your Rights: Review any documents you have indicating that your rights have been breached to help form a clear picture of what’s happened and how long it has been going on for.

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3. Raise Your Concerns to the Right Authority: Eskom has multiple offices across South Africa which operate nationally as well as regionally so be sure to find out which branch handles customer service well in your area before you proceed with your complaint. You can also get information related to local contact numbers via their website itself.

4. Make Contact with Eskom’s Customer Service Line: After gathering all necessary details and understanding your rights, contact Eskom through its customer service line where possible and explain thoroughly what has happened and how they need to address the matter to resolve it for you satisfactorily.. Ensure that visa-versa communication is accommodated by always calling during a time when someone is available who understands what needs sorting out at a professional level i.e., postal addresses, email correspondence or schedule appointment times etcetera .

5. Record Every Contact You Make Regarding the Matter: Once contact with Eskom customer services has been established always ensure that you keep detailed records of every conversation that takes place including phone calls, emails and even social media messages if applicable regarding your concerns voiced by both parties involved in order to refresh memory at later times should need arise. Following this up with an email or letter outlining each detail point eliminates any discrepancies should an appeal or review become necessary in future dealings with them pertaining such matters swiftly provided every aspect has been addressed properly by either side..

6) Escalate Your Complaint If Necessary: Too often customers are left feeling unheard due should they have not had their compliant duly resolved thus firstly it helps having written requests from earlier mentioned points but if results hopefully arrive unsuccessful; don’t hesitate seeking council from their corresponding authority group (CCMA) where required whereby intervention complying equally discussed regulations between associated counterparts would play pivotal role hence espousing both provisions because recourse may be needed after thorough investigation duly taking place..

When to Expect a Response From Eskom

Eskom is a South African electricity provider and it boasts one of the largest customer service teams in the country. Their customer service agents strive to help customers with enquiries regarding bills, installations, supply issues, outages and other forms of support as quickly as they can. When you contact Eskom, you may be wondering when to expect a response.

Eskom is well-known for its excellent customer care, offering timely responses and assistance to customers across South Africa. The team spends much of their day fielding questions or answering callers or responding to emails. You can expect your inquiry to be answered within the same day if not within 24 hours (depending on how busy they are). It is important to note that due to high demand on some days public holidays excluded), response times may take longer than usual depending on the nature of your query.

Regardless of how busy Eskom’s customer service team may be at any given time, their goal is always to provide speedy resolution for enquiries so that customers can enjoy a satisfactory experience. If customers have urgent matters that need immediate attention, such as power maintenances or outages, then Eskom typically provides a solution within an even shorter period of time.

No matter what kind of inquiry you have for Eskom, rest assured that their knowledgeable customer support staff will strive to provide an answer as soon as possible. If you don’t hear back from them immediately after submitting your query, hang tight; they will get back to you before long!

Common Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do you have a phone number I can call?

Yes! You can contact Eskom on their 24hour Toll Free Number: 0800 0 ESKOM (0800 037566). This line is staffed by English speaking operators and they will be able to assist you with general enquiries.

What other means of communication do you offer?

Besides their Toll Free Number, Eskom offers several other ways that customers can get in touch with them. They accept queries via email at [email protected], as well as on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Their contact page also has an online form for lodging complaints or queries electronically.

Can I reach someone directly instead of being put on hold?

When you call the Toll Free Number, our operators will do their best to connect you directly with an Eskom representative who is best suited to answer your enquiry. If this isn’t possible, they’ll do their best to help or direct your query so that it can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Are there any other lines I can dial to speak with a customer service representative?

Yes. Customers can call the Customer Services Unit (CSU) direct line on 011 800 8080 Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturdays from 8am – 4 pm. Calls made while roaming will be answered free of charge between Mondays & Fridays, 9am – 5 pm. Alternatively, customers can leave voice-mail messages outside these times or send an SMS related query to 39012 for assistance during the same hours listed above.

Staying Up to Date With Eskom News & Annoucements

Remaining informed about the latest Eskom news and announcements is essential for staying up to date with their new products and services. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can stay connected and stay informed on this South African utility provider.

Eskom has an official website that provides a wealth of information to customers and community members. Visitors can find out details on how to contact Eskom as well as read through the company’s frequently asked questions page. Moreover, they will also be presented with corporate governance reports information at a glance, which includes market insights, details on tariffs and renewable energy initiatives.

The company also has a Facebook page where users can follow for updates regarding current events or social media campaigns about their services. You may even see them post polls or surveys in order to gauge public opinion on various topics such as whether the process of acquiring services needs improvement. It’s well worth taking some time to bookmark their Facebook page to make sure you receive notifications when any new content is published so you don’t miss out!

Eskom customers should also consider downloading the app ‘MyEskom Connect’ so they can conveniently manage their accounts from anywhere with phone access. The app provides account balance information as well as refunds status; view historical usage; submit meter reading; view electricity tariff structures; purchase tokens; change user profile details; track payment history; manage payment methods; send notifications and log complaints among other useful features.

In addition, social media users may wish to follow Eskom’s Twitter handle @Eskom_SA for both targeted service delivery updates or just general news announcements from the company. Twitter users may be able to spot upcoming competitions or discount codes if they follow closely enough, too!

Overall, remaining connected with Eskom doesn’t have to be a difficult task – all it takes is finding the right platforms that allow easy access or convenience when engaging in matters related to Eskom’s services. Customers will benefit from keeping an eye on up-to-date news and announcements related to this innovative South African energy giant – it pays off!

Who To Contact For More Information

If you need more information about Eskom, the South African utility company, here are some contacts you can use.

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For general queries and questions about how the company works, Eskom has a call centre that is open 24/7 and can be reached at 0860037566. This number will connect you to an operator who can provide assistance with any query you may have.

Additionally, Eskom also has multiple public relations contacts that can be used to find out more detailed information on specific topics related to the company’s operations or current happenings. Their public relations phone line is 0113333000 and their email address is [email protected].

For more complex enquiries that do not require an urgent response, a contact page on their website contains several fields where customers can submit a query form containing their full contact details, as well as their question or enquiry. This form goes straight to the customer service department who evaluate all enquiries sent in this way and respond within 5 business days. To use this service, visit

Furthermore, if people would like to send written correspondence they can post it to: PO Box 1091, Johannesburg 2000 South Africa

Looking at What Resources are Available to Help

Reaching out to Eskom regarding any inquiries or concerns is made easier through the free resources they provide. It’s also easy to find the best way to contact Eskom online. Clients can choose from a variety of channels, including web-based contact forms, phone support and even social media platforms if needed.

For web contact forms, Eskom has created an easily accessible website which provides the necessary information for customers. Simply go to their webpage and fill in your details. Depending on your reason for contacting a representative will be happy to assist with whatever inquiry you may have regarding payments, new connections, queries etc. The more information provided about your query will give a better understanding and faster resolution time.

Alongside the website contact feature, you can also enquire via telephone helplines. Customers have three options when it comes to making their calls: regular landlines, cellphones or toll free numbers (depending on your region). Toll free numbers make communication much easier as they do not incur any charge when making calls. Thus creating a convenient connection between Eskom and its clients when dealing with important inquiries or complaints that need urgent solutions by speaking directly with customer service representatives for answers.

Additionally, Eskom has taken advantage of utilizing social media as another form of customer service platforming by having active accounts on Facebook and Twitter where support queries can be routed directly should one feel comfortable using this method of outreach. Through this channel one is able communicate with Escom’s customer service team quicker than in traditional methods such as email or phone calls because messages are sent instantaneously back and forth regardless of day or time while resolving customer issues promptly – ultimately creating efficiencies in communication processes and reliability in resolution times due to inadequate access technology infrastructure that sometimes experience downtime within certain regions within South Africa which could result in long response wait times normally associated with traditional call centres which are now replaced effectively with online chats available 24/7/365 instantaneously throughout various social media outlets popularly used among many South African consumers today

If none of these methods seem desirable then customers can make use of emails being sent directly through the Eskom website . This method allows customers to write down any detailed question they may have that can’t be answered through other means of areas mentioned previously such as phone calls or chats; allowing for additional flexibility under this contact method still delivering helpful answers without any fees associated just like previous previously mentioned outlets from aforementioned sources

Ways to Contact Eskom Securely and Safely

Eskom is an essential service in South Africa that provides electricity to its citizens and businesses. Unfortunately, there have been issues with Eskom supplies in the recent past, but if you need to get in touch with them, there are many secure and safe ways to do so.

Firstly, there are multiple communication channels for customers to reach out to Eskom directly. Phone calls or emails can be used in order to contact their customer care team for advice on any matter related to your account or product inquiries. Their website also states that their contact centres are operating from 8 am – 5 pm on weekdays and closed on weekends and public holidays. Additionally, customers can reach out via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as live chat via the website.

Another option available is using the online webform service found on their website. This provides customers a hassle-free means of making enquiries regarding any account related questions they may have such as complaints or billing services. Upon submission of the form, Eskom’s customer care team will respond within 24 hours. Moreover, it is important to note that they provide a secure connection while accessing this form in order ensure privacy protection at all times.

For those who would like further assistance, Eskom has also set up dedicated offices countrywide which will handle all customer queries on site. Here customers can fill out forms detailing their requests and have one-on-one consultations with Eskom’s professional officers if necessary where possible solutions will be made available for customer convenience. It is advisable for residents living close to these offices to make use of this option when experiencing significant electricity problems since time is of essence when troubleshooting electricity issues.

Whether trying to access efficient support services or dealing with complicated technical matters, Eskom offers a variety of options for its customers who need help from the company’s staff promptly and securely without compromising their personal information whatsoever! From traditional communication methods such as phonecalls & emails through to more convenient ones including webforms & live chats – obtaining assistance from Eskom has never been easier & safer than ever before!

Making the Most Out of Contacting Eskom

Eskom is a leading electricity service provider in South Africa, bringing reliable and cost-effective energy solutions to the country. For years, Eskom has been at the forefront of providing quality service to its customers. As such, if you need their assistance, it’s important to know how you can reach them.

If you are looking for information regarding Eskom services, you should start by visiting the official Eskom website. Here, you will be able to find answers to many common questions that most people have about their services and products. Additionally, there are various social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter being utilized by Eskom for customer service purposes. Any grievances raised on the social media platform will be responded to promptly by a customer service representative.

You could also get in touch with Eskom through email or traditional post mail. Contact details such as postal address and phone numbers are accessible online on their website or through their published prints like brochures or leaflets disbursed within offices and local city centers across South Africa.

For faster and more reliable communication with Eskom, you can use the company’s toll-free number. By calling 0860 543 0000, you can speak directly with one of their dedicated customer care personnel who can assist with addressing any of your enquiries quickly and effectively. On the other hand, if your query doesn’t require immediate attention or response from a customer service staff member then tweeting @eskompower to boost visibility might help bring the attention of one of their representatives faster than expected.

It is always best practice to double-check your contact information for accuracy before posting any correspondence to help ensure it reaches its recipient without delays caused due to incorrect entry details being provided originally. If all information is accurate and perfectly entered as required then it improves chances of a quicker turnaround from Eskom when seeking assistance from them via any means of communication mentioned above – making sure that everything goes smoothly through your contact experience with this power utility giant!

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