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eskom contact details

eskom contact details

What is Eskom?

Eskom is South Africa’s national electricity utility and one of the largest sources of electrical energy in Africa. Established in 1923, it has over 30 000 employees which are supported by 45 storage sites located across South Africa. It is responsible for supplying about 95% of the country’s electricity, via its many transmission lines and substations as well as numerous power plants across the nation.

What Are Eskom Contact Details?

If you have a query or complaint regarding your electrical supply, or if you need to report a power emergency, then Eskom contact details can help you get in touch with their customer service team. You can find Eskom’s contact information by visiting their website at, where you can access all their contact details such as phone numbers, email address and physical address location. Additionally, customers can send an enquiry via their website or check out the FAQ page to find further information regarding payment options and general questions regarding Eskom’s services and operations.

Can I Receive Technical Support from Eskom?

Absolutely! In addition to providing technical support free of charge 24/7 on 086 003 7566 for all their customers’ electrical needs, Eskom has also developed a dedicated online Technical Support Platform with detailed guidelines on everything from wiring systems to electrical regulations and laws. The platform provides users with easy-to-read diagrams and illustrations showing how to safely connect electrical components in different types of buildings; it also provides advice from professional electricians who are registered with Eskom.

How to Contact Eskom

Are you looking for Eskom contact details? Finding ways to connect with Eskom has never been easier. Eskom is a leading South African electricity supplier and one of the most important providers of energy in the country. Whether you are a customer, media representative, or are just interested in learning more, there are plenty of ways to reach out.

For general inquiries and information requests, call Eskom’s Customer Contact Center at 08600 37566. The experienced staff can answer questions related to billing rates and services, technical advice, and any other topics related to their services. Calls will be answered on weekdays from 8am – 5pm SAST. If you need help outside these hours you can email them at [email protected]

You may also want to connect with Eskom on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for news updates, alerts, and more interactive experiences with Eskom customers around the world. Visit their official website at and type in your message or follow their various accounts linked there directly from the homepage itself!

If you’re needing a quick response while waiting in line or between scheduled calls/emails with customer service representatives, a great decision making tool may come in handy; askEskom! This electronic Q&A system lets consumers enter keywords related to their inquiry and receive personalized responses about billing policies or procedures quickly- usually within minutes! AskEskom remains available 24/7!

For press releases or interviews from Eskom’s corporate offices or key leaders, contact the Corporate Communications Division via e-mail at [email protected] or by postal mail: PR & Stakeholder Relations Department, PO Box 1091 Johannesburg 2000 South Africa .

No matter what issue might be plaguing customers big or small- getting in touch with Eskom is now simpler than ever before! Whether its finding answers through AskEskom fast line services or speaking with an English operator via phone call- rest assured that all your queries will be handled professionally and efficiently without any undue inconvenience…

Eskom Customer Services

Are you in search of Eskom customer services contact to reach out? Look no further. Eskom is South Africa’s leader in electricity production and distribution, providing power to millions across the country while ensuring that the safety and reliability of their service comes first. To ensure customer convenience, they provide a range of customer services. Here are some of these customer services as well as contact details for reaching out for help and assistance.

Call Centre
If you need assistance regarding general enquiries, faults & maintenance or meter related matters you can call Eskom’s Call Centre by dialling 10 100 from any landline. They have a professional team of consultants ready to assist customers on all matter related to electricity supply. The service hours are 8am – 8pm Monday – Friday; 9am – 1pm on Saturdays and they are closed on Sunday’s and public holidays.

Eskom Website
The Eskom website includes an easy-to-use platform where customers can simply report faults with the click of a button. Enquiries about tariffs, complaints, faulty meter readings, prepaid enquiries and other such matters can be made on the Eskom website as it offers a comprehensive guide on frequently asked questions as well as helpful advice regarding usage.,

Should customers wish to use this function they can login onto . On this page notifications will be sent in order for customers to communicate faster with Eskom staff through email. Documents like ID’s or meters readings should be attached when completing the online forms so that they may be attended to without delay.,
Apart from their call centre there are also Customer Centres located nationwide where you may go in person for any queries or transactions related to electricity supply, including payment arrangements and new connections applications.. Additionally there is an online payment method available that facilitates downloads of invoices and statements, as well as automatic payments set up thereby reducing time spent manually making payments each month.. By using it your account will also remain updated in real time allowing for better control over finances connected with your account..

If you’re looking for reliable solutions regarding your electricity needs like paying bills or reporting faults then take advantage of Eskom’s various customer services options that make it easy for customers from all across the country to provide input on what matters most: cost efficiency and uninterrupted power supply! Have peace of mind knowing years worth of experience lie behind every solution provided by South Africa’s trusted energy provider!

Eskom Email

For enquiries related to Eskom products and services, customers should make use of the Eskom Email service. This system allows users to communicate with the company online and get prompt responses to their queries. Should additional information be required or customers need further assistance, one can dial any of the Eskom contact numbers or log onto the website. By getting in touch through email or telephone, customers are assured of comprehensive customer service from highly qualified agents. With various offices throughout South Africa, Eskom is delivering services for both residential and corporate needs.

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The Eskom Contact Me page provides a convenient platform for customers who want to get in touch with Eskom Customer Services agents. On this page, customers are able to consult specific FAQs regarding account management, faults, billing and new connections among other topics. Links that direct customers directly to the required details are provided on this page as well as a contact submission form which enables individuals to submit their own enquiries.

Customers are also able to connect with Eskom on social media using popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Through these networks, visitors can keep updated on latest news items and information related to the company operations. These platforms also present another way for communicating with representatives at the organization who will assist in responding quickly to any questions or queries that may arise.

Eskom has dedicated customer care centres across South Africa in order to better serve its vast network of clients nationwide. Visit to find your closest office near you – simply type in City or Town name where after you will be redirected specific details of the centre which includes contact detail addresses and operational times . Furthermore voice messages can left outside normal hours which will be attended too during next business day working hours accordingly .

Eskom Social Media Platforms

Staying in touch with Eskom is now easier than ever before. Through accessing their various social media platforms, customers can watch for updates on new Eskom initiatives, ask questions about products and services, and also receive notifications about maintenance outages. The official accounts of Eskom are offered through a range of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. For example, by following the @Eskom_SA Twitter handle, customers can find out more regulatory updates regarding load shedding or tariff changes with ease.

Furthermore, the suite of websites operated by the organisation providing access to other contact details remains available and active too. The Eskom Open Access Portal allows customers to submit comments or review context related documents among other activities. Alternatively one can fill use specially provided contact forms available directly on the website to gain clarity or additional information regarding any topic they may have a query with.

The call centre telephone number continues to be at 08600 37566 as well, allowing customers who need to speak face-to-face with somebody from the company infrastructure can utilise this option instead. This allows people that prefer more traditional methods when it comes to resolving their queries an alternative chance to get them attended in a prompt fashion. Moreover the telephone line is open for all for seven days a week – from 07h00 until 20h00 on weekdays and 09h00 until 13h00 everyday during weekends.

For those wishing to find out even more about Eskom’s operations (or perhaps lodge a service complaint) there is still another option: visiting one of their 56 customer walk in centres throughout South Africa! Customers are invited in person so that representatives can help out right away regardless what type of problem they may have either related with the billing system or feedback they might feel like expressing directly at one of these locations.

The Eskom Complaint Process

When it comes to dealing with Eskom, knowing the right contact details makes all the difference. Having the right contact information can help you to get in touch with the people you need to quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, getting hold of Eskom’s contact details isn’t as tricky as you might think.

One way of getting in direct contact with Eskom is by using their dedicated customer service contact number which is 086 003 7566. This phone number will connect you directly with a specialist who’s able to answer any questions that you might have about your electricity supply, accounts or billing.

Alternatively, customers who want a physical presence when making their enquiries can visit their local Eskom offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Pretoria -all of which offer customer service desks. A face-to-face meeting with an agent may be necessary if you’d like more detailed inquiries answered.

In addition to these options, customers are also able to make use of Eskom’s online complaint process; a facility designed to allow consumers to submit complaints in an efficient and easy manner. All that’s required is an email address and some personal details in order for the submission process to take place. Following this, customers can expect timely responses from knowledgeable agents.

If none of these solutions are resolving your issue then another option would be elevating your complaint directly from their Customer Service call centre team using variable reference numbers plus proof of payment requests and any other relevant supporting documentation that may be required for further investigation. This should hopefully lead to a faster resolution and a speedy refund (if applicable).

All in all there are many ways for consumers access assistance from Eskom concerning any issue they’re facing – all it takes is having the right contact details and being aware of what methods are available such as their phone number or online services mentioned above – so don’t let poor customer service keep you from getting your problems sorted out!

How to Report Any Issues You Encounter When Contacting Eskom

When it comes to dealing with issues, Eskom has a number of contact details available on its website. However, before you contact any of these channels it is important to understand what type of issue or request you are making and consider how best to respond. It’s also important to remember that Eskom is the largest state-owned enterprise in South Africa and employs a great number of people, so expect some delays in response time. That said, there are a few ways to ensure you have the best experience when submitting an enquiry or complaint related to Eskom.

Firstly, make sure that you provide as much detail as possible when submitting your query or complaint. This should include everything from your contact information and account number (if applicable) to other specific details related to the issue at hand. This will enable the person dealing with your enquiry to better understand your request, aiding in faster resolution times.

A key point when contacting Eskom is knowing which channel is most appropriate for resolving your particular issue or query. The company offers both online support forms located on their website and also telephone customer service representatives depending on which type of enquiry you are submitting. For account queries and billing issues, calling Eskom’s customer service line would likely be the most efficient way; whereas non-urgent enquiries can be sent via the online form service explained below.

online support: The Eskom website outlines various electronic forms where members of the public can submit complaints or queries electronically through the ‘Contact Us’ page on their site. All queries, feedback and complaints submitted here will then be logged into their system and directed towards the appropriate department or individual within Eskom responsible for responding effectively in a timely manner on that particular matter.

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Phone support: For more urgent inquiries however, customers may benefit from speaking directly with an Eskom representative over a phone call using their designated customer services telephone number provided online under ‘Contacts’. Upon calling this line customers will have an option for selecting different departments ranging from ‘service enquiries’, ‘customer services’ and ‘billing questions’ depending on which type of query needs addressing firstly by one of their knowledgeable representatives .

It’s important to keep in mind that due to high volumes of calls happening during certain times it may be easier for customers looking for prompt resolution on their issues finding an alternate method such as email or submitting queries via form found online as mentioned above – this method minimises wait times significantly considering how patient representative must deal with each caller one by one This is why understanding all alternatives before deciding upon which channel works best based off current need could make life easier when attempting to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently when dealing with complex matters within companies like Eskom

Eskom Phone Numbers

Are you looking to get assistance from Eskom? Whether you need help with understanding your account, making payments or getting the application process started, there’s a variety of phone numbers that can put you in touch with the people who can help. Here is a list of Eskom contact numbers so that you have all the information needed to get your issue taken care of quickly:

Customer Service Hotline: 0860 037 566
Payment Enquiries: 08600 375 66
General Enquiries/Complaints: 011 800 8111
Fault Reporting Line: 086 003 7566
Household Prepaid Services: 0860 254 777
Online Self Service Support Centre: 0860 107 977
General Business Services: 0860 11 21 22
Wholesale & Large Industrial Consumers Inquiry Desk : 011 633 8911 – 15
Eskom Call Centre SMS Query Line: 8000

With these numbers in hand, it’s easy to get help for any queries or issues with Eskom products and services. All licensed customers are able to talk to a representative from Eskom and get fast solutions. Whether it’s credit issues, payment problems or another general query, your questions will be addressed in relation to any customer service request. Don’t hesitate to leverage the efficiency of these phone numbers to get answers and move forward towards managing your energy needs.

In-person Contact Details

Eskom strives to make it easy for customers to connect with us when they need assistance. Our in-person contact details provide customers with access to our team of knowledgeable customer service representatives, whether you are looking for help and advice, a resolution to a problem or simply more information.

If you prefer dealing with a Hansie or Tannie face-to-face, Eskom’s customer service centres offer full support along with helpful personalised communication in your own language. A team is available from Monday to Friday from 08h00 till 17h00, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 09h00 till 15h00 for inquiries and attending to problems that requite initial physical intervention on site.

Prior appointment booking is not required in order for customers to visit the service centres for problems requiring onsite assistance; however receptionists do keep track of daily attendance, so please bear this in mind if coming with extended family members or large groups of people! Payment options may include cash as well as card services like MasterCard Credit/Debit cards.

Additionally, phone numbers are provided on our website where queries can be sent via email and telephone calls will seamlessly be attended during business hours. With the help of efficient customer service teams operating throughout South Africa, Eskom’s ultimate goal is ensuring satisfactory services are delivered that meet the needs of customers at all times.

Eskom Nodal Officer Information

Do you need the contact details for the local Eskom Nodal Officer? You’ve come to the right place! Eskom is committed to providing excellent customer service, and in order to support that goal has provided Nodal Officers in each region throughout South Africa. These officers are available to assist customers with connecting, disconnecting, or troubleshooting their electricity accounts as well as provide other valuable assistance. To get in touch with your regional Eskom Nodal Officer take a look at our handy contact list below. Here you’ll find their phone numbers and physical addresses so you can speak with them directly when needed.

Western Cape: Patrice More – 082 533 1363 / 1 Deebe Lane (Hadison Park), Goodwood
Northern Cape: Anastasia Wallace – 082 656 1247 / 97 Rous Street (Kuruman), Kathu
Free State/North West: Jaun Smith – 081 869 4336 / 2 Summer Place (Fichardtpark), Bloemfontein
Gauteng West: Daniel Williams – 071 791 9950 / 218 Prince Street (Wonderboom South), Pretoria
KwaZulu-Natal: Vivian Evans – 083 540 6543 / 336 Ocean Arm Road (Bluff), Durban
Limpopo/Mpumalanga: Dina Powell – 084 217 8930 / 88 Joe Slovo Drive (Acornhoek Mpumalanga)

Remember, if you have troubles connecting or disconnecting your account the Eskom Nodal Officers will be happy to help. Don’t hesitate to give them a call today should problems arise with your electrical connections!

Eskom Grievance Platform

South African electricity provider, Eskom provides an efficient and reliable grievance platform for customers needing assistance. Their contact details are available on their website,, making it simple to lodge a complaint either by calling the company directly or through their web portal. Additionally, the company’s customer representatives are always ready to answer any query or provide clarification regarding billings and account matters when required.

When intending to reach out to Eskom’s help desk, customers have several options available to them in terms of how they make contact with the company. Apart from calling their hotline directly or sending an email enquiry, customers also have access to online self-service tools which include a live chat facility as well as an interactive voice response system (IVR).

The toll-free number available on the website is 08600 37566, while fax lines may be used on 011 841 8888/9/10/11/12/13/14 and email enquiries can be sent through [email protected] or [email protected] for more detailed matters where on-site visits are necessary.

For those keen on resolving matters via direct communication with one of the company’s customer service consultants, this service is rendered from Monday to Saturday between 08:00am and 05:00pm; however all enquiries made after 5pm will be responded to at a later time within 24 hours from when the request was received .

Eskom genuinely values customer satisfaction and resolves queries promptly and efficiently by providing professional feedback in a timely manner allowing for speedy resolution of any issues that may arise pertaining to product supply or billing systems associated with electricity consumption patterns etcetera. All in all, Eskom offers great emergency support whenever needed regardless of location or specific circumstances related to a particular consumer’s situation across South Africa.

Eskom Complaint App

Eskom Contact Details – For Your Electricity Supply Needs

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your electricity supply needs? Then you need to get in touch with Eskom, South Africa’s largest power utility. It employs more than 42,000 people, has an annual turn-over of almost R330 billion and provides electricity to 85% of the country’s population.

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It’s easy to make contact with Eskom’s customer service teams. You can call them on 086 003 7566 or send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, there’s a toll-free number (0800 038 881) that is available seven days a week from 8 am – 7 pm BST.

If you prefer to submit feedback or lodge complaints about Eskom services, then use their specialised complaint submission app which can be accessed via the AskEskom website here: All complaints made using this app are registered in their system and monitored until they are resolved satisfactorily. You will even receive updates regarding the progress of your complaint so that you know that it is being attended to as soon as possible by the relevant Eskom team concerned.

Eskom also makes use of various social media accounts such as Twitter (@eskompowersa) and Facebook ( where comments, queries and concerns may be addressed directly or channelled through moderators who will take necessary action if required.Rendering solutions to energy related problems is important to Escom, thus they have many different platforms available for customers needing assistance in any capacity within the scope of electricity provisioning services offered by this South African based power utility company Kommandokorps.. All inquiries and concerns are usually responded to efficiently within 24 hours but some cases may require follow up calls depending on their technical difficulty levels . If contacted in person at one of their offices across the country, then you should feel free to talk with an Eskom representative directly who will inform you about how best address your individual situation and advise whether further assistance is necessary or not for resolving your query promptly .

No matter which channel you choose for contacting their customer service staff, rest assured that there will always be someone available ready to assist you with all your electricity provisioning issues that need addressing promptly!

Further Assistance from Eskom

For anyone seeking further assistance from Eskom, there are various avenues you can take. From online contact forms, to telephone and email directories, you can easily get in touch with the South African electricity provider. Below are some of the details we’ve compiled for your convenience.

Contact Forms
Eskom offers an online contact form which provides prompt enquiry resolution and speedy responses on general queries regarding billing, legal services, rate changes and more. The contact form is easy to use, simply follow the link provided below:

Telephone Directory
If you prefer, you can phone Eskom’s customer care line at 08600 37566 (08600 ESKOM). If a customer service representative isn’t immediately available to assist you with your query, you may be asked to leave a message or receive a call back at a later stage.

Email Directory
Eskom also offers an email directory for customers who prefer such communications as these tend to have automated sorting according to many categories including media relations and investor relations enquiries . To obtain the directory list visit this link:

If none of these options manage to resolve your problem or answered any questions, feel free to visit Eskom’s website which contains lots of useful information regarding all aspects of their services and operations – especially regarding application procedures and procedure related costs
Ultimately if all else fails customers can visit their nearest Eskom office where they bring their concerns first hand meaning immediate help is only as close as their nearest office location provided by Eskom here https://clientservicepointsportalbundleautouseprdazurewebsitesneet/.

Benefits of Contacting Eskom Directly

Contacting Eskom directly gives customers many advantages. Eskom has dedicated teams of customer service agents who are there to help customers with any queries they may have regarding their electricity service. This means that customers receive quick, accurate answers to their questions as well as advice on the best options for them. In addition, customers can obtain information on the latest promotions and offers available from Eskom. Other benefits of contacting Eskom include receiving notifications of outages or changes to tariffs and billing information, plus access to the company’s 24-hour customer support helpline. Furthermore, by getting in contact with Eskom directly, customers can raise any concerns or complaints about their energy supply, allowing them to get swift resolution and satisfaction from the company. Therefore, contacting Eskom is beneficial for both new and current customers alike as it ensures a high level of customer care and attention from the electricity supplier.

Eskom Contact Details

For anyone looking for Eskom contact details, this article provides an overview of the different avenues available. Eskom is a leading energy provider across South Africa that offers a wide range of services at competitive prices. If you’ve encountered any issues with their services or need to ask specific questions regarding any aspect of their operations, understanding the most efficient way to get in touch with them can be helpful.

Eskom provides customers with multiple options for getting in touch. This includes email, telephone, and even messenger services if you prefer chatting digitally instead of calling directly. All these services are available Monday to Friday and during set hours on select days of the week; however due to COVID – 19 adjusted protocols, certain services may not be available on weekends.

If you’re looking for assistance from Eskom regarding anything from payments to bill queries, one of the most effective ways of contacting them is via the online chat facility offered on their website. This allows you to quickly get in touch with an adviser who can provide insight into all your queries within minutes. You will also be requested to login first before being able to access the service so ensure that your logins are up-to-date before attempting to connect through chat support.

The alternative way of getting help from Eskom would be over the telephone or through their email address — both of which they have provided publicly on their website and other sources such as social media pages or advertorials. For more complex queries, you may prefer speaking directly over the phone as opposed to via email because it allows for face-to-face conversations where you can describe your situation in full detail. Those who do not want to make a call or find it difficult due to language barrier or prefer writing instead can use the email form provided by Eskom for customer assistance that allow inquiries sent through within preferred time frame (i.e 24 hours).

Apart from direct customer assistance facilities like the ones mentioned above — there are other ways too which customers could use should they wish seek answers revolving around topics such as news & updates related to Eskom products & services; FAQ’s revolving around common customer inquiries; advice related tools & reports and much more via its resources page found on telkomsa’s official website/portal page – wwweskomcoza

Altogether, whatever option you choose when seeking help — be it through physical contact centers or virtual alternatives such as websites and chats – Eskom strives hard day in day out creating feasible opportunities that helps people gain access customer friendly enquiries and solutions faster than ever before!

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