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Eskom airport industria contact details

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Eskom airport industria contact details

Finding Contact Information for Eskom Airport Industria

Are you searching for contact information related to Eskom Airport Industria? Then look no further! We’ve compiled a guide on how to best reach the airport in Cape Town.

If you need to contact Eskom Airport Industria directly, start by calling +27 (0)21 940 2010. This is their general telephone number, although there are other numbers you can use depending on the type of query. For customer service enquires, you can get in touch via +27 (0)21 950 2799 or [email protected]. If your query relates to lost and found items then call +27 (0)21 931 0811 or email [email protected]

You could also visit the Eskom Airport Industria website for more detailed contact information and services offered by the airport should you be unable to reach an agent over the phone or through email. On the website’s contact page, click “Contacts” and select “Write a message” in order fill out an online form with your details and ask questions about their services or facilities at the airport. Or go straight to the main page of their website here and look for other useful options like “Careers” which provides job opportunities in various departments at Eskom Airport Industria and even terminal operators alike!

For international travellers visiting South Africa, they can inquire about custom duties, immigration requirements or flight delays at the Information Desks located near the check-in area before security screening points inside Terminal A & B of Eskom’s Airport Industria facility. These information desks are open 24/7 each day of the week and have English speaking staff members to cater for travellers needs such as currency exchange, car hire reservations and parking bookings for short term trips as well as long term stays.

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Any other additional queries can be sent directly via mail to Private Bag X2052 Capetown 8000 where it will be looked into urgently by one of their customer service representatives within 24 hours during business days only from Monday to Friday 8am -5pm GMT+2 excluding public holidays observed nationally in South Africa. Though it is possible that certain queries may require longer processing times depending on complexity therefore it is important that customers remain patient whilst awaiting response or resolution presented by Escom personnel respectively regarding any matters related to operations at Eskom Airport Industria facility South Africa

Being Prepared With Necessary Contact Details for Eskom Airport Industria

It can be a little tricky keeping track of the contact details for places you want to visit, especially when travelling to an airport. To save yourself time and energy, and make sure that your upcoming trip runs as smoothly as possible, it’s a great idea to have all the necessary contact information saved in one place. If you’re planning on visiting Eskom Airport Industria, then read on to get the inside scoop on how you can reach them ahead of your flight.

Eskom Airport Industria has their own contact center that you’d be able to reach out to directly if you need assistance or have any inquiries about their services. The easiest way to get through is by phoning them at 011-395-5800. Keep in mind that this line is open from 07:00 – 17:30 Monday – Friday and during regular office hours on Saturdays too.

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In addition, there are various other ways you can get in touch with Eskom Airport Industria. You may choose to reach out via email at [email protected] where all your queries will be attended to swiftly, no matter what time of day it is. For even speedier responses, there is also the Eskom Airport Industria live chat feature available 24/7 for whenever it best suits you and your needs.

And lastly, You’ll never feel stranded or unable to access help should something go wrong while en route or upon arrival at Eskom Airport Industria as they have a physical address which you can use as a point of reference if needed; Suite 1102 Private bag X25 , Isando JHB 1600 . Rest assured knowing that there are plenty of helpful and friendly staff who are willing and ready help out with any enquiries you may have along the way!

Keeping Up To Date On Latest Eskom Airport Industria Contact Information

Staying in the know about Eskom Airport Industria’s contact details is important for those who need to reach out for general customer service, provide feedback on service, ask questions regarding flight times and more. Here we provide you with the latest information to ensure that you can get in contact with the customer service team at Eskom Airport Industria.

Eskom offers a range of customer services from booking flights, responding to enquiries and providing assistance on-site at the airport. To make sure you have access to all their services, having the latest Eskom Airport Industria contact information is essential.

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If you are looking for specific contact details related to flights than you can call +258 21 456 678 or alternatively email [email protected] for more information. Those needing operational assistance can reach out by phone at 0864 1080 808 or by emailing [email protected] while those wanting general customer service help can find it through calling +258 118 678 or sending an email to [email protected]

For further enquiries or assistance not outlined above, please visit Eskom’s official website where they offer a range of helpful FAQs or contact their dedicated support staff directly through their online chat system or by telephone at +258 00 365 789-999 between 9am and 10pm weekdays (excluding public holidays). Additionally, potential users with comments, concerns or feedback about the airport’s services can find comprehensive industry feedback forms on their website too.

Sorting out your travel accommodations starts with having all the right information – and we hope this guide helps keep you informed about some useful Eskom Airport Industria Contact Details! With this knowledge, you should be able to reach out to the correct personal whenever needed throughout your travel journey so happy flying!

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