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Community Initiatives

Power to the People: How Young Professionals are Changing the Energy Game

Discover how young professionals are revolutionizing the energy landscape in South Africa. Learn about their innovative “Common Power” initiative that addresses the challenges caused by load shedding. Find out how this program is empowering communities, creating employment opportunities, and providing affordable green energy solutions. Gain insights into the impact of these community energy projects on ordinary citizens and the potential for a brighter, more sustainable future. Click now to read about the inspiring efforts of young professionals in tackling South Africa’s energy crisis head-on.

Mastering Load Shedding: Eskom’s Awareness Programs

Looking to master load shedding in South Africa? Look no further than Eskom’s awareness programs. Discover everything you need to know about load shedding and gain valuable information on Eskom’s Jet initiative and demand response program. Click now to stay ahead of the game.